Meet Name: U-High Invitation Only - Meet D
Meet Date: 2012-03-09
Meet Location: Chicago,IL

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Elite Athletes:
Santino, Patrick (St. Ignatius,IL)
Devitt, Peter (St. Ignatius,IL)
Lawson, Kirby (Jones College Prep,IL)
Rodriguez, Armando (Jones College Prep,IL)
Tahiraj, Deivi (Mather,IL)
Maloney, Kyle (Jones College Prep,IL)
Haji, Abdurahim (Mather,IL)
Keelan, Jack (St. Ignatius,IL)
Flores, Claudio (Mather,IL)
Boys Relay (St. Ignatius,IL)
Boys Relay (Mather,IL)
Dale, Jamison (Jones College Prep,IL)
O'Connor, Luke (Jones College Prep,IL)
Warren, Timothy (Jones College Prep,IL)
Curci, Sarah (University of Chicago Lab School,IL)
Bianco, Victoria (Latin,IL)
Suchyta, Katelyn (University of Chicago Lab School,IL)

Elite Performances:


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