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2015 Outdoor
AL State B-PV Elites

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B-PV117-10.50Collins, Sean (2015) (McGill-Toolen, AL) (US#1)US Junior Nationals(OR), 2015-06-27(#3)
B-PV215-06.00Taylor, Chris (2015) (McGill-Toolen, AL) (US#90)Mountain Brook Invitational(AL), 2015-04-11(#2)
B-PV315-05.00South, Nick (Muscle Shoals, AL) AAU Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(VA), 2015-08-08(#1)
B-PV415-00.00Harrelson, Whitt (Vestavia Hills, AL) AL 7A Section 3(AL), 2015-04-25(#1)
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B-PV514-06.00Doak, Jacob (2017) (Hoover, AL) Hewitt Trussville Invitational(AL), 2015-04-18(#1)
B-PV514-06.00Chappell, Andy (2016) (Hewitt-Trussville, AL) AL 7A Section 3(AL), 2015-04-25(#2)
B-PV514-06.00Henry, James (Vestavia Hills, AL) AL 7A State Meet(AL), 2015-05-02(#4)
B-PV814-03.00Williams, Hayden (Auburn, AL) AL 7A Section 2(AL), 2015-04-25(#1)
B-PV914-00.00Jenkins, Cross (2016) (Hoover, AL) Vestavoa King Of the Mountain Invitational(AL), 2015-03-14(#2)
B-PV914-00.00Barrett, James Henry (2016) (Vestavia Hills, AL) Samford Over The Mountain Invitational(AL), 2015-03-26(#1)
B-PV914-00.00Hill, Garrison (Cullman, AL) AL 6A State Meet(AL), 2015-05-02(#2)
B-PV914-00.00Russell, Robert (2015) (Sparkman, AL) AL 7A State Meet(AL), 2015-05-02(#5)
B-PV1312-06.00Foster, William (2015) (St. Paul Episcopal, AL) Mobile Challenge of Champions - Open(AL), 2015-04-03(#4)
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