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2015 Outdoor
AL State G-PV Elites

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G-PV113-03.50Ollinger, Margeret (2016) (McGill-Toolen, AL) (US#15)NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#5)
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G-PV211-07.00Thomas, Eva (2015) (Hoover, AL) Hewitt Trussville Invitational(AL), 2015-04-18(#1)
G-PV311-06.00Smith, Rachel (2017) (McGill-Toolen, AL) AL 7A State Meet(AL), 2015-05-02(#3)
G-PV411-03.00Brutkiewicz, Rose (2015) (UMS-Wright, AL) AL 4A State Meet(AL), 2015-05-02(#1)
G-PV411-03.00Gordon, Rose (McGill-Toolen, AL) AL 7A Section 1(AL), 2015-04-25(#2)
G-PV611-01.00Dressler, Caitlyn (2015) (Cottage Hill Christian, AL) AL 3A State Meet(AL), 2015-05-02(#1)
G-PV711-00.00Reis, Jennifer (James Clemens, AL) Metro Track and Field Championship(AL), 2015-04-06(#1)
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