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2015 Outdoor
AZ State G-4x800 Elites

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G-4x80019:01.51Girls Relay (Desert Vista, AZ) (US#8)AZ D1 State Meet(AZ), 2015-05-09(#1)
G-4x80029:19.69Girls Relay (Corona Del Sol, AZ) (US#89)AZ D1 State Meet(AZ), 2015-05-09(#2)
G-4x80039:30.34Girls Relay (Xavier Prep, AZ) AZ D1 State Meet(AZ), 2015-05-09(#3)
G-4x80049:31.10Girls Relay (Chaparral, AZ) AZ D1 State Meet(AZ), 2015-05-09(#4)
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G-4x80059:34.75Girls Relay (Chandler, AZ) AZ D1 State Meet(AZ), 2015-05-09(#5)
G-4x80069:38.40Girls Relay (Gila Ridge, AZ) AZ D2 State Meet(AZ), 2015-05-09(#1)
G-4x80079:39.94Girls Relay (Highland, AZ) Toro Invitational(AZ), 2015-04-24(#1)
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