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2015 Outdoor
CA State B-400H Elites

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B-400H153.93Collins, Justin (2015) (Carson, CA) (US#58)US Junior Nationals(OR), 2015-06-27(#6)
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B-400H255.31Kirwan, Aidan (2015) (Branham, CA) Stanford Invitational(CA), 2015-04-04(#1)
B-400H356.15Netherda, Alex (2015) (Maria Carrillo, CA) Stanford Invitational(CA), 2015-04-04(#2)
B-400H456.55Hanible, Aaron (2017) (Heritage, CA) USATF Youth National Championships 15-16(IL), 2015-07-05(#1)
B-400H556.79Koenig, Paul (2015) (Seaside, CA) Stanford Invitational(CA), 2015-04-04(#1)
B-400H656.88Mobley, Ibrahima (2015) (Abraham Lincoln, CA) US Junior Nationals(OR), 2015-06-27(#13)
B-400H756.93Brown, Isiaha (2015) (Monterey Trail, CA) Stanford Invitational(CA), 2015-04-04(#3)
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