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2015 Outdoor
DE State G-TJ Elites

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G-TJ138-05.00Dendy, Micaiah (2016) (St. Georges Tech, DE) USATF Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(FL), 2015-08-02w(0.1)(#6)
G-TJ NWI38-05.00Drake, Hannah (2015) (Wilmington, DE) PA 2A District 10(PA), 2015-05-16 NWI(#1)
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G-TJ236-09.00Coleman, Arianna (2015) (William Penn, DE) DE D1 State Meet(DE), 2015-05-16w(-0.1)(#2)
G-TJ236-09.00Kargbeh, Shantell (2016) (Smyrna, DE) DE D1 State Meet(DE), 2015-05-16w(-1)(#1)
G-TJ436-02.00Scott, Zoe (2018) (Caesar Rodney, DE) DE D1 State Meet(DE), 2015-05-16w(0.6)(#3)
G-TJ535-08.50Razor, Kierra (2016) (Caesar Rodney, DE) DE D1 State Meet(DE), 2015-05-16w(-0.8)(#4)
G-TJ635-05.00Paraskiewicz, Katey (2016) (Charter Of Wilmington, DE) DE Meet of Champions(DE), 2015-05-20w(0)(#2)
G-TJ NWI35-05.00Kargbeh, Shantell (2016) (Smyrna, DE) Diamond State Relays(DE), 2015-04-04 NWI(#1)
G-TJ735-04.75Mullen, Ruby (2018) (Sussex Technical, DE) DE D1 State Meet(DE), 2015-05-16w(0.5)(#5)
G-TJ835-03.25Daniels, Arryana (2017) (Padua, DE) DE D1 State Meet(DE), 2015-05-16w(-2)(#6)
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