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2015 Outdoor
FL State B-3000 Elites

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B-300018:40.30Marquez, Brandon (2016) (Unattached, FL) (US#62)USATF Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(FL), 2015-08-02(#1)
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B-300028:52.81Cross, Steven (2016) (Merritt Island, FL) Spruce Creek Invitational(FL), 2015-03-07(#1)
B-300039:16.39Kash, jonathan (2016) (West Orange, FL) Spruce Creek Invitational(FL), 2015-03-07(#2)
B-300049:24.27Quintana, Noah (2018) (Real Life Christian, FL) AAU JO Region 9 Qualifier - Naples(FL), 2015-06-28(#1)
B-300059:29.24Hanna, Dallas (New Smyrna Beach, FL) Spruce Creek Invitational(FL), 2015-03-07(#3)
B-300069:29.79Kennedy, Josh (2017) (Fort Myers, FL) Baker Indoor/Outdoor Challenge(FL), 2015-02-21(#1)
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