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2015 Outdoor
GA State B-DT Elites

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B-DT1198-03.00Camp, Ryan (2016) (Archer, GA) (US#6)USATF Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(FL), 2015-08-02(#1)
B-DT2189-02.00Brinson, Kenneth (2015) (Marist, GA) (US#20)GA 4A Sectional B(GA), 2015-05-02(#1)
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B-DT3169-05.00Maddox, Quintis (Salem, GA) GA 5A Boys State Meet(GA), 2015-05-16(#1)
B-DT4168-08.00Thomas, Keijne (Rockdale County, GA) GA 6A Region 2(GA), 2015-04-22(#1)
B-DT5167-00.00Claiborne, Corey (2015) (Unattached, GA) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#13)
B-DT6164-05.00Huff, Sloan (Archer, GA) GA 6A Sectional B(GA), 2015-05-02(#2)
B-DT7164-02.00Claiborne-Landy, Corey (Milton, GA) GA 6A Sectional A(GA), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-DT8164-01.00Gardner, Weston (Heritage High School, GA) Continental League Championships(CO), 2015-05-09(#1)
B-DT9163-02.50Slappy, Shamar (Blck, GA) GA 2A Region 4(GA), 2015-04-23(#1)
B-DT10162-05.00Yobo, Nuka (Newton, GA) GA 6A Sectional A(GA), 2015-05-02(#2)
B-DT11162-01.00Coleman, Montavius (Southwest Dekalb, GA) GA 5A Boys State Meet(GA), 2015-05-16(#2)
B-DT12161-06.00Jones, Blake (Harris County, GA) GA 5A Sectional A(GA), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-DT13161-02.00Martin, Varian (Marietta, GA) GA 6A Boys State Meet(GA), 2015-05-16(#5)
B-DT14160-02.00Mcconville, Chuck (Union Grove, GA) GA 5A Region 4(GA), 2015-04-23(#1)
B-DT14160-02.00Watson, Robby (First Presbyterian Day, GA) GA 1A Private Sectional 1-4(GA), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-DT16160-01.00Rogers, Isaiah (2016) (Campbell, GA) GA 6A Sectional B(GA), 2015-05-02(#3)
B-DT17160-00.00Bennett, Jamaine (Rockdale County, GA) GA 6A Region 2(GA), 2015-04-22(#2)
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