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2015 Outdoor
KY State B-1600 Elites

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B-160014:09.20Young, Ben (2015) (Tates Creek, KY) (US#24)Nike Festival of Miles(MO), 2015-06-04(#5)
B-160024:11.41Fields, Brennan (2016) (Madison Central, KY) (US#68)KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#2)
B-160034:15.39Fryman, Trenton (2016) (North Oldham, KY) Nike Festival of Miles(MO), 2015-06-04(#6)
B-160044:16.11Nuguse, Yared (2017) (Dupont Manual, KY) KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#3)
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B-160054:16.54Rupp, Robert (2015) (North Hardin, KY) KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#4)
B-160064:17.01Thomas, Matthew (2016) (St. Xavier, KY) KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#5)
B-160074:18.81Shuley, Ethan (2016) (Highlands, KY) KY 2A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-160084:22.63Crawford, Bret (2015) (Grayson County, KY) KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#6)
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