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2015 Outdoor
KY State B-400 Elites

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B-400146.38Allen, Will (2016) (Paul Laurence Dunbar, KY) (US#9)NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#2)
B-400246.77Allen, William (2016) (Bryan Station, KY) (US#19)US Junior Nationals(OR), 2015-06-27(#4)
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B-400348.70Robinson, Davonte (2016) (Henry Clay, KY) KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#2)
B-400449.38Veneman, Alex (2015) (Highlands, KY) KY 2A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-400549.45Holt, Landon (2016) (Caldwell County, KY) KY 2A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#2)
B-400649.47Canada, C.J. (2015) (Dupont Manual, KY) KY 3A Region 3(KY), 2015-05-09(#1)
B-400749.58Gilcrease, Aaron (2015) (Trinity, KY) KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#3)
B-400849.62Hepburn, Nathan (2015) (Whitefield Academy, KY) KY 1A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-400949.75Bowman, Cory (2016) (Louisville Male Traditional, KY) KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#4)
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