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2015 Outdoor
MA State G-JT Elites

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G-JT1157-00.00Fitzgerald, Emma (2016) (Thayer Academy, MA) (US#10)US Junior Nationals(OR), 2015-06-27(#3)
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G-JT2128-07.00Juzyca, Andrea (2015) (Milton, MA) MSTCA Girls Invitational(MA), 2015-05-09(#1)
G-JT3127-11.00Jacks, Maddie (2015) (Newton North, MA) MSTCA Girls Invitational(MA), 2015-05-09(#2)
G-JT4127-09.00McFadries, Stephanie (2015) (Burlington, MA) MA MIAA All State Championships(MA), 2015-06-06(#1)
G-JT5127-01.00Foxtree-McGrath, Savannah (2015) (Bedford, MA) MA MIAA All State Championships(MA), 2015-06-06(#2)
G-JT6126-08.00Carley, Taryn (2015) (Silver Lake, MA) MA MIAA All State Championships(MA), 2015-06-06(#3)
G-JT7126-05.00Vining, Jess (2016) (Woburn, MA) MA MIAA All State Championships(MA), 2015-06-06(#4)
G-JT8124-06.00Campezato, Julia (2017) (Dighton-Rehoboth, MA) MSTCA Girls Invitational(MA), 2015-05-09(#3)
G-JT9122-11.00Stoller, Shira (2018) (Sharon, MA) Hockomock League Championships(MA), 2015-05-21(#1)
G-JT10121-06.00Fox, Savannah (Bedford, MA) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#14)
G-JT11121-03.00Leonard, Caroline (2016) (Algonquin, MA) MA Central/West Division 1(MA), 2015-05-30(#1)
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