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2015 Outdoor
ME State G-SP Elites

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National Elites above. State Elites below
G-SP140-06.75Lux, Victoria (2015) (Thornton Academy, ME) New England Championships(ME), 2015-06-13(#4)
G-SP240-04.25Coyne, Alyssa (2016) (Greely, ME) Western Maine Conf D1(ME), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP337-06.00Curran, Samantha (2017) (Thornton Academy, ME) New England Championships(ME), 2015-06-13(#11)
G-SP437-03.75Stella, Maddie (2015) (Noble, ME) New England Championships(ME), 2015-06-13(#14)
G-SP537-03.50Cooke, Adelaide (2017) (Falmouth, ME) Tom Foley Invitational(ME), 2015-04-22(#3)
G-SP635-07.00Taungatu'a, Mavis (2016) (Bucksport, ME) PVC Small School Championship(ME), 2015-05-29(#1)
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