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2015 Outdoor
NY State B-1500 Elites

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B-150013:58.68Muniz, Benito (2015) (Carmel, NY) (US#69)NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#12)
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B-150024:07.94Burke, James (2015) (Port Jefferson, NY) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#20)
B-150034:08.82Bulkeley, Ben (2018) (Fairport, NY) NB Outdoor Nationals - Freshman(NC), 2015-06-20(#4)
B-150044:08.92Van Vorst, Kevin (2017) (Massapequa, NY) USATF Youth National Championships 15-16(IL), 2015-07-05(#4)
B-150054:08.95Barber, Owen (2016) (Allegany-Limestone, NY) NB Outdoor Nationals - Emerging Elites(NC), 2015-06-21(#15)
B-150064:11.60Schmidt, Tyler (2016) (Shenendehowa, NY) USATF Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(FL), 2015-08-02(#15)
B-150074:11.75Politis, Matt (2018) (Pearl River, NY) NB Outdoor Nationals - Freshman(NC), 2015-06-20(#5)
B-150084:12.40Biondi, Chris (2016) (Pine Bush, NY) Monroe Woodbury Crusader Relays(NY), 2015-05-02(#1)
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