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2015 Outdoor
SC State G-800 Elites

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G-80012:08.93Barton, Laurie (2016) (D W Daniel, SC) (US#34)NCRunners / SCRunners Elite Tune-Up(NC), 2015-06-06(#1)
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G-80022:16.46McGowen, Imani (2015) (Hillcrest, SC) SC 4A State Meet(SC), 2015-05-16(#1)
G-80032:18.53Bridges, Morgan (2016) (Irmo, SC) SC 4A State Meet(SC), 2015-05-16(#2)
G-80042:19.96Caraway, Meagan (2017) (Wando, SC) SC Class AAAA Qualifier(SC), 2015-05-09(#4)
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