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2015 Outdoor
TN State G-800 Elites

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G-80012:11.59Tanner, Amber (2016) (Ravenwood, TN) (US#99)AAU National Club Championships(FL), 2015-07-18(#1)
G-80022:13.24Lord, Jessica (2017) (Morristown West, TN) Music City Distance Carnival(TN), 2015-06-05(#1)
G-80032:13.69Rone, Celine (2015) (Arlington, TN) AAU National Club Championships(FL), 2015-07-18(#3)
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G-80042:14.86Pilkinton, Sophie (2015) (Harpeth Hall, TN) Scott Hartman Relays(TN), 2015-04-02(#1)
G-80052:16.47Witty, Lydia (2015) (Harpeth Hall, TN) Scott Hartman Relays(TN), 2015-04-02(#2)
G-80062:16.79Mallory, Shian (2016) (Houston, TN) TN 3A Section 4(TN), 2015-05-09(#2)
G-80072:16.86Hendry, Hailey (2016) (Brentwood, TN) Eastern Relays(KY), 2015-04-25(#3)
G-80082:16.87Wiggins, Ruth (2016) (Briarcrest Christian, TN) Music City Distance Carnival(TN), 2015-06-05(#4)
G-80092:17.12Cuneo, Taylor (2018) (Central Magnet, TN) Eastern Relays(KY), 2015-04-25(#4)
G-800102:17.83Coggins, Addi (2017) (Independence, TN) Music City Distance Carnival(TN), 2015-06-05(#5)
G-800112:18.58Smith, Claudia (2015) (Central Magnet, TN) TN Div 1 A-AA Championships(TN), 2015-05-22(#2)
G-800122:18.69Underwood, Meghan (2018) (Unattached, TN) TN Div 2 Championships(TN), 2015-05-22(#3)
G-800132:19.60Lay, Kaitlyn (2016) (Halls, TN) TN Div 1 AAA Championships(TN), 2015-05-22(#4)
G-800142:19.66Hetherington, Olivia (2018) (Ravenwood, TN) TN AAA Section 3 South Subsectino(TN), 2015-05-08(#2)
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