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2015 Outdoor
WV State G-3200 Elites

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G-3200110:59.05Colbert, Abby (2016) (Jefferson, WV) WV 3A State Meet(WV), 2015-05-23(#1)
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G-3200211:04.76Fedders, Emily (2015) (Woodrow Wilson, WV) WV 3A State Meet(WV), 2015-05-23(#2)
G-3200311:07.57Panger, Peyton (2015) (Capital, WV) Friends of Coal Relays(WV), 2015-05-02(#2)
G-3200411:09.29Turner, Tashala (2018) (University, WV) WV 3A State Meet(WV), 2015-05-23(#3)
G-3200511:14.25Lipps, Hannah (2018) (Hampshire, WV) WV 3A State Meet(WV), 2015-05-23(#4)
G-3200611:17.06Hogbin, Jessie (2017) (Hedgesville, WV) WV Region 2 AAA(WV), 2015-05-14(#2)
G-3200711:20.04Cook, Adriana (2015) (Independence, WV) WV 2A State Meet(WV), 2015-05-23(#1)
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