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2015 Cross Country
LA State G-3m_XC Elites

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G-3m_XC118:27.70Jennings, Gabrielle (2016) (First Baptist Christian, LA) LA Class C State Meet(LA), 2015-11-16(#1)
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G-3m_XC218:36.20Murphy, Olivia (2016) (Mandeville, LA) LA 5A State Meet(LA), 2015-11-18(#1)
G-3m_XC318:38.30Landers, Alissa (2017) (Lakeside, LA) LA 2A State Meet(LA), 2015-11-16(#1)
G-3m_XC418:51.70Crosby, Claire (2016) (Mandeville, LA) LA 5A State Meet(LA), 2015-11-18(#2)
G-3m_XC518:55.50Stamey, Alicia (2017) (Episcopal, LA) LA 2A State Meet(LA), 2015-11-16(#2)
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