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2015 Cross Country
SC State G-5k_XC Elites

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G-5k_XC117:28.31Morris, Logan (2016) (Spartanburg, SC) SC SCISA 2A Championships(SC), 2015-10-31(#1)
G-5k_XC218:09.00Crowley, Jessie (2020) (Riverside, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#1)
G-5k_XC318:13.00Deroberts, Emma (2018) (Woodmont, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#2)
G-5k_XC418:16.85Nasir, Maryah (2017) (Pinewood Preparatory School, SC) SC SCISA 3A Championships(SC), 2015-10-31(#1)
G-5k_XC518:19.28Spencer, Emma (2016) (Riverside, SC) Starlight Reservation Run(SC), 2015-10-08(#1)
G-5k_XC618:22.77Moseley, Morgan (2018) (J. L. Mann, SC) Starlight Reservation Run(SC), 2015-10-08(#2)
G-5k_XC718:23.00Summey, Morgan (2019) (Blue Ridge, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#3)
G-5k_XC818:24.55Stoddard, Anna Kathryn (Greenwood, SC) SC 4A Region 1(SC), 2015-10-17(#1)
G-5k_XC918:25.00Marchbanks, Carter (2018) (Riverside, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#4)
G-5k_XC918:25.00Ambrose, Cate (2017) (Riverside, SC) SC 4A Upper State(SC), 2015-10-31(#1)
G-5k_XC1118:25.83Letts, Emily (2017) (Ben Lippen, SC) SC SCISA 3A Championships(SC), 2015-10-31(#2)
G-5k_XC1218:31.00Bissinger, Annika (2019) (St Josephs, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#5)
G-5k_XC1318:36.00Cagel, Mari (2020) (D W Daniel, SC) SC 3A State Meet(SC), 2015-11-07(#1)
G-5k_XC1418:40.00Liggett, Mallory (2018) (Hilton Head, SC) SC 3A State Meet(SC), 2015-11-07(#2)
G-5k_XC1518:41.00Stewart-Wilson, Mary (2016) (James Island Charter, SC) Providence Invitational(NC), 2015-08-29(#7)
G-5k_XC1618:42.00Fallow, Ashley (2016) (Riverside, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#6)
G-5k_XC1718:45.00Paxton, Olivia (2016) (South Pointe, SC) SC 3A Upper State(SC), 2015-10-31(#1)
G-5k_XC1818:50.92Sangl, Melea (2018) (T L Hanna, SC) SC 4A Region 1(SC), 2015-10-17(#3)
G-5k_XC1918:54.92Lee, Morgan (2016) (Ashley Hall, SC) SC SCISA 3A Championships(SC), 2015-10-31(#3)
G-5k_XC2018:55.00Bognar, Cara (2020) (Greenville, SC) SC 4A State Meet(SC), 2015-11-07(#3)
G-5k_XC2118:58.10Cate, Susannah (2016) (A C Flora, SC) SC Class 3A Middle State(SC), 2015-10-31(#1)
G-5k_XC2219:00.00Shatz, Miyah (2018) (Hilton Head, SC) SC 3A State Meet(SC), 2015-11-07(#3)
G-5k_XC2219:00.00Hartley, Brianna (2019) (Dutch Fork, SC) Providence Invitational(NC), 2015-08-29(#17)
National Elites above. State Elites below
G-5k_XC2419:01.42Seymour, Shelby (Greenwood, SC) SC 4A Region 1(SC), 2015-10-17(#4)
G-5k_XC2519:03.00Morse, Elisabeth (J. L. Mann, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#9)
G-5k_XC2619:05.00Yang, Anna (Riverside, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#11)
G-5k_XC2619:05.00Patterson, Victori (Christ Church, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#10)
G-5k_XC2819:08.00Henn, Olivia (2020) (Eastside, SC) SC 3A State Meet(SC), 2015-11-07(#6)
G-5k_XC2919:12.40Knight, Lanie Jo (2018) (Rock Hill, SC) SC 4A Middle State(SC), 2015-10-31(#2)
G-5k_XC3019:13.74Marshall, Lauren (2017) (Ashley Hall, SC) SCISA 3A Region 3(SC), 2015-10-21(#2)
G-5k_XC3119:15.00Whisman, Hope (2016) (Dutch Fork, SC) Providence Invitational(NC), 2015-08-29(#29)
G-5k_XC3219:19.98Hendrix, Katerina (2020) (Dorman, SC) Spartanburg County Championship(SC), 2015-10-24(#2)
G-5k_XC3319:21.00Jones, Amelia (2016) (Waccamaw, SC) SC 2A State Meet(SC), 2015-11-07(#1)
G-5k_XC3419:22.00Beach, Hannah (2017) (Palmetto, SC) SC 3A Upper State(SC), 2015-10-31(#2)
G-5k_XC3519:23.99Ellis, Madison (2019) (Eastside, SC) EYE OPENER(SC), 2015-09-04(#11)
G-5k_XC3619:24.00Wilson, Bridget (Eastside, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#13)
G-5k_XC3619:24.00Davis, Carson (Eastside, SC) Greenville County Championshipss(SC), 2015-10-24(#15)
G-5k_XC3819:24.57Evans, Olivia (2017) (Carolina Homeschool, SC) Spartanburg County Championship(SC), 2015-10-24(#3)
G-5k_XC3919:24.87Jenkins, Anna (2019) (Dutch Fork, SC) SC 4A Middle State(SC), 2015-10-31(#3)
G-5k_XC4019:25.00Stoddard, Anna Kat (2016) (Greenwood, SC) SC 4A Upper State(SC), 2015-10-31(#9)
G-5k_XC4119:26.80Paxton, Olivia (South Pointe, SC) Hare & Hounds Invitational(NC), 2015-09-19(#7)
G-5k_XC4219:28.47Cooke, Sarah (7) (Hilton Head, SC) Sandhills Invitational(SC), 2015-10-17(#10)
G-5k_XC4319:28.74Bridges, Morgan (2016) (Irmo, SC) SC 4A Middle State(SC), 2015-10-31(#4)
G-5k_XC4419:29.00Schwinhorst, Marlena (2017) (Nation Ford, SC) SC 4A State Meet(SC), 2015-11-07(#10)
G-5k_XC4519:29.98McGlinn, Carley (2016) (Hilton Head, SC) Sandhills Invitational(SC), 2015-10-17(#11)
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