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Newest Arkansas Number 1's

2015-10-03G-5k_XC18:36.96 Elise Reina
2015-09-19B-5k_XC15:22.20 TJ Sugg
2015-08-08G-LJ18'11.75" Briana Hardiman (US#49)
2015-08-08G-100H14.22 Jada Baylark (US#85)
2015-08-08G-20024.66 Briana Hardiman
2015-08-08B-400H54.19 Nick Hilson (US#74)
2015-08-08B-110H14.44 Dewayne Miller
2015-07-04G-PV14'7.5" Lexi Weeks (US#1)
2015-06-27G-40055.84 Amanda Dillon
2015-06-21B-PV16'1.25" Nick Johnson (US#32)
2015-06-14G-PV14'4" Tori Weeks (US#1)
2015-06-14B-PV16'1" Nick Johnson (US#19)
2015-06-06B-40048.37 John Winn
2015-06-05B-Mile4:17.62 TJ Sugg
2015-06-04G-Mile4:59.86 Micah Huckabee (US#95)
2015-06-04G-16004:57.93 Micah Huckabee
2015-06-04G-15004:37.93 Micah Huckabee (US#70)
2015-05-16G-4x4003:55.96 Cabot(AR) Relay
2015-05-16G-8002:12.63 Amanda Dillon
2015-05-16G-4x8009:31.91 Bentonville(AR) Relay

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2004-05-10Arkansas TrackStats (AR)19 elites
2004-04-17AR Vault Club (AR)1 elites
2004-04-16Lake Hamilton Classi (AR)1 elites
2004-04-01Scrapper Relays (AR)1 elites
2004-03-26Bulldog Relays (AR)1 elites
2004-03-074A State Meet (AR)3 elites
2004-03-055A State Meet (AR)18 elites
2004-02-21ATCA Classic (AR)23 elites
2004-02-14Tyson Invitational (AR)5 elites
2004-01-17 Arkansas Inv (AR)33 elites
2004-01-16Arkansas College Inv (AR)1 elites
2003-05-21Meet of Champs (AR)17 elites
2003-05-174A State Meet (AR)1 elites
2003-05-09Fort Smith (AR)2 elites
2003-05-03Eastern Conference (AR)0 elites
2003-05-025A West (AR)1 elites
2003-04-18Wolf Classic (AR)1 elites
2003-04-17Cardinal Relays (AR)2 elites
2003-04-17Jessieville Relays (AR)1 elites
2003-04-12McDonnell Inv (AR)1 elites
2003-04-12U. Arkansas (AR)2 elites
2003-04-10Eagle Relays (AR)1 elites
2003-04-10Scrapper Relays (AR)2 elites
2003-03-08State Meet (AR)35 elites
2003-02-22Coaches AllComers (AR)24 elites
2003-02-15Razorback-Tyson Inv (AR)7 elites
2003-01-25 Arkansas State Inv (AR)1 elites
2003-01-25National Inv (AR)68 elites
2002-12-21Kickoff Klassic (AR)1 elites
2002-05-15Meet of Champions (AR)1 elites
2002-05-105A State Meet (AR)0 elites
2002-05-092A State Meet (AR)1 elites
2002-04-20ASU Inv (AR)1 elites
2002-04-19McDonald's Relays (AR)1 elites
2002-04-18NW AR Conf (AR)1 elites
2002-04-12Lake Hamilton Classi (AR)1 elites
2002-03-024A StateMeet (AR)11 elites
2002-03-025A StateMeet (AR)27 elites
2002-02-16ATCA (AR)16 elites
2002-02-09Track Coaches (AR)1 elites
2002-02-01U.-Arkansas (AR)1 elites
2002-01-26Arkansas St. (AR)1 elites
2002-01-19 Arkansas Inv (AR)54 elites
2001-05-12State 1A (AR)0 elites
2001-05-12State 2A (AR)2 elites
2001-05-12State 3A (AR)1 elites
2001-05-12State 4A (AR)10 elites
2001-05-12State 5A (AR)9 elites
2001-03-31Doc Walker Rel (AR)2 elites
2001-03-27Coca Cola Rel (AR)2 elites
2001-03-17UA Little Rock (AR)0 elites
2001-03-03State 4A (AR)18 elites
2001-03-03State 5A (AR)22 elites
2001-03-03State123A (AR)0 elites
2001-02-17ATCA Classic (AR)21 elites
2001-02-10ATCA Inv (AR)5 elites
2001-02-03ATCA Inv (AR)4 elites
2001-01-20Nat HS Inv (AR)59 elites
2000-05-10Meet of Champions (AR)22 elites
2000-05-055A State (AR)20 elites
2000-04-14L. Hamilton Classic (AR)1 elites
2000-04-01Doc Walker Relays (AR)16 elites
2000-03-04State Meet (AR)23 elites
2000-02-19AR coaches (AR)1 elites
2000-02-09Leopard Relays (AR)1 elites
1999-05-14Meet of Champs (AR)16 elites
1999-05-07Class 2A (AR)0 elites
1999-05-07Class 3A (AR)1 elites
1999-05-07Class 4A (AR)2 elites
1999-05-07Class 5A (AR)14 elites

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