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CC-Central CoastCE-CentralLA-Los AngelesNC-North Coast
NO-NorthernOK-OaklandSD-San DiegoSF-San Francisco
SJ-Sac JoaquinSS-Southern

Newest California Number 1's

2015-11-05G-3m_XC16:31.00 Cate Ratliff
2015-11-05B-3m_XC13:57.96 Phillip Rocha
2015-09-26B-5k_XC14:32.50 Phillip Rocha
2015-09-26G-5k_XC16:32.10 Fiona O'Keeffe
2015-08-29G-4k_XC14:26.00 Maddy Denner
2015-08-02G-HT182'2" Emelda Malm-Annan (US#2)
2015-07-19B-HJ7'1" Darius Carbin (US#5)
2015-07-19G-20022.90 Lauren Rain Williams (US#3)
2015-07-19G-LJ21'0.5" Tara Davis (US#2)
2015-07-19G-TJ42'8.25" Tara Davis (US#2)
2015-07-18B-HT232'3" Tyler Merkley (US#3)
2015-07-01G-ST2K6:41.26 Rylee Bowen (US#1)
2015-06-27G-HJ5'11.25" Alexandria Florent (US#6)
2015-06-27B-20020.24 Michael Norman (US#2)
2015-06-27G-ST3K10:52.92 Morgin Coonfield (US#3)
2015-06-27G-400H57.27 Reonna Collier (US#3)
2015-06-27B-400H53.93 Justin Collins (US#58)
2015-06-20G-2Mile10:00.90 Destiny Collins (US#2)
2015-06-20G-10011.26 Zaria Francis (US#4)
2015-06-20B-2Mile8:51.59 Robert Brandt (US#4)

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2014-05-14 SDL League Championship (CA)1 elites
2014-05-14 Southern League Championships (CA)0 elites
2014-05-14 TCAL Prelims (CA)10 elites
2014-05-14 TCC Championship (CA)9 elites
2014-05-13 Apollo League Prelims (CA)0 elites
2014-05-13 Avocado West Prelims (CA)14 elites
2014-05-13 Central/City League Prelims (CA)3 elites
2014-05-13 Eastern League Prelims (CA)8 elites
2014-05-13 Frontier League Prelims (CA)0 elites
2014-05-13 Grossmont Varsity Prelims (CA)22 elites
2014-05-13 Impreial Valley League Prelims (CA)9 elites
2014-05-13 MEL Trials (CA)14 elites
2014-05-13 Mesa Varsity League Prelims (CA)9 elites
2014-05-13 SFL Trials (CA)19 elites
2014-05-13 South Bay Varsity League Prelims (CA)6 elites
2014-05-13 SVL Championships (CA)2 elites
2014-05-13 Western League Prelims (CA)19 elites
2014-05-10 DRL League Trials (CA)19 elites
2014-05-10 Frosh/Soph Sac Town Races (CA)5 elites
2014-05-10 Mesa JV League Prelims (CA)0 elites
2014-05-10 PAL F/S Championships (CA)1 elites
2014-05-10 SCCAL Championship Finals at Aptos (CA)38 elites
2014-05-10 Valley Oak League Championships (CA)19 elites
2014-05-10 WAC League Championships (CA)3 elites
2014-05-10 WACC Frosh/Soph Championship (CA)0 elites
2014-05-10 WBAL Varsity & JV Trials (CA)6 elites
2014-05-09 Bay League Finals (CA)59 elites
2014-05-09 Century League Prelims/Finals (CA)76 elites
2014-05-09 Channel League Finals (CA)37 elites
2014-05-09 Citrus Belt League Finals (CA)31 elites
2014-05-09 Dave Allen Twilight Invitational (CA)2 elites
2014-05-09 Empire League Finals (CA)23 elites
2014-05-09 Gold Rush Elite Invitational (CA)2 elites
2014-05-09 Grossmont Frosh-Soph Finals (CA)0 elites
2014-05-09 IVL Novice Invite (CA)0 elites
2014-05-09 Kays Ostrom Nevada Union Invitational (CA)32 elites
2014-05-09 Marmonte League Finals (CA)75 elites
2014-05-09 MBL Finals (CA)28 elites
2014-05-09 Monterey Bay League Championships (CA)4 elites
2014-05-09 Moore League Finals (CA)75 elites
2014-05-09 MTAL Trials (CA)1 elites
2014-05-09 North Yosemite League Meet (CA)4 elites
2014-05-09 Pacific League Finals (CA)41 elites
2014-05-09 Pacific View League Finals (CA)24 elites
2014-05-09 Rio Hondo League Finals (CA)32 elites
2014-05-09 Rock Academy vs. Maranatha and Pacific Ridge (CA)0 elites
2014-05-09 Roseville District Cup (CA)15 elites
2014-05-09San Andreas League Finals (CA)13 elites
2014-05-09 Sea View League Finals (CA)30 elites
2014-05-09 South Coast League Finals (CA)95 elites
2014-05-09 Sweet Elite District Meet (CA)3 elites
2014-05-09 Tri Valley League Finals (CA)31 elites
2014-05-09 Tri-City Christian vs. Horizon vs. Escondido Charter (CA)1 elites
2014-05-09 Trinity League Finals (CA)60 elites
2014-05-09 West Yosemite League Championships (CA)9 elites
2014-05-09 West Yosemite League Finals (CA)9 elites
2014-05-08 Big VIII League Finals (CA)96 elites
2014-05-08 Blossom Valley Athletic League (CA)41 elites
2014-05-08 Camino Real League Prelims/Finals (CA)4 elites
2014-05-08 Christian and Crawford at San Diego (CA)1 elites
2014-05-08 CMAC Championships (CA)23 elites
2014-05-08 Del Norte at Valley Center (CA)17 elites
2014-05-08 Del Rio League Finals (CA)11 elites
2014-05-08 Delphic League Prelims/Finals (CA)2 elites
2014-05-08 Desert Valley League Finals (CA)17 elites
2014-05-08 Foothill League Championships (CA)61 elites
2014-05-08 Frontier Conference Cluster (CA)0 elites
2014-05-08 Hacienda League Prelims/Finals (CA)36 elites
2014-05-08 Imperial at Southwest (CA)1 elites
2014-05-08 Mission League Prelims/Finals (CA)139 elites

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