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Newest Connecticut Number 1's

2015-12-12G-5k_XC17:49.80 Hannah Debalsi
2015-10-21G-4k_XC14:05.00 Hannah Debalsi
2015-10-21B-5k_XC15:24.00 Eric Van Der Els
2015-09-19G-3m_XC19:06.10 Maddie Brandon
2015-09-12B-3m_XC15:39.00 Randall Neish
2015-08-08G-10012.24 Cassidy Palmer
2015-06-21G-4x2001:40.59 Windsor(CT) Relay (US#70)
2015-06-21G-5k17:34.16 Bridgid Selfors (US#25)
2015-06-21B-4x2001:27.41 Windsor(CT) Relay (US#94)
2015-06-21B-4x4003:17.27 Weston(CT) Relay (US#69)
2015-06-21G-SP42'8.25" Kimmoi Ferguson
2015-06-21B-5k14:41.05 Eric Van Der Els (US#5)
2015-06-21G-SMR4:09.05 Tolland(CT) Relay (US#35)
2015-06-21B-SMR3:29.64 Weston(CT) Relay (US#23)
2015-06-21B-2Mile9:05.82 Armstrong Noonan (US#19)
2015-06-21B-4x8007:44.27 Ridgefield(CT) Relay (US#20)
2015-06-21G-4x1M20:17.87 Tolland(CT) Relay (US#2)
2015-06-21B-4x1M17:57.22 Danbury(CT) Relay (US#8)
2015-06-21B-DMR10:30.24 Darien(CT) Relay (US#75)
2015-06-21G-15004:38.39 Jessica Drop (US#73)

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2015-11-06 CT State Open Championships (CT)10 elites
2015-10-31 CT Class Division Championship (CT)2 elites
2015-10-31 CT Class L Championship (CT)5 elites
2015-10-31 CT Class LL Championship (CT)13 elites
2015-10-31 CT Class M Championship (CT)6 elites
2015-10-31 CT Class MM Championship (CT)3 elites
2015-10-31 CT Class S Championship (CT)0 elites
2015-10-23 Eastern Connecticut Conference Championships (CT)0 elites
2015-10-22 Berkshire League XC Championships (CT)0 elites
2015-10-22 Southern Connecticut Conference XC Championships (CT)8 elites
2015-10-21 Central Connecticut Conference XC Championships (CT)0 elites
2015-10-21 FCIAC Cross Country Championships (CT)7 elites
2015-10-21 Naugatuck Valley League XC Championships (CT)0 elites
2015-10-20 Constitution State Conference Championships (CT)0 elites
2015-10-16 Amity-Cheshire-Shelton Dual (CT)0 elites
2015-10-10 Wickham Park Invitational (CT)14 elites
2015-10-03 Hale Ray Invitational (CT)0 elites
2015-09-26 Bethel Invitational (CT)0 elites
2015-09-24 Amity Cross Country Dual- Guilford, Sheehan, Law (CT)1 elites
2015-09-22 Going to the Sun Invitational (CT)1 elites
2015-09-19 Connecticut River Valley Invitational (CT)3 elites
2015-09-19 Stratton Brook Invitational (CT)2 elites
2015-09-19 Wilton Invitational (CT)6 elites
2015-09-15 Amity Cross Country Dual (CT)5 elites
2015-09-12 Haddad Windham Invitational (CT)9 elites
2015-06-28 AAU JO Region 1 Qualifier (CT)36 elites
2015-06-08 CT Open State Championships (CT)195 elites
2015-06-03 CT Class L State Meet (CT)70 elites
2015-06-03 CT Class M State Meet (CT)45 elites
2015-06-03 CT Class S State Meet (CT)36 elites
2015-06-02 CT Class LL State Meet (CT)76 elites
2015-06-02 CT Class MM State Meet (CT)32 elites
2015-05-27 CCC South Outdoor Championships (CT)10 elites
2015-05-27 Naugatuck Valley League Championships (CT)6 elites
2015-05-26 CCC North Championships (CT)27 elites
2015-05-26 CCC West Championships (CT)10 elites
2015-05-26 FCIAC Championships (CT)48 elites
2015-05-26 SCC Championships (CT)37 elites
2015-05-23 Eastern Connecticut Conference (CT)16 elites
2015-05-21 Valley Freshman Invitational (CT)0 elites
2015-05-20 Constitution State Conference Championships (CT)1 elites
2015-05-19 SCC Eastern Sectional (CT)21 elites
2015-05-18 SCC Western Sectionals (CT)13 elites
2015-05-16 Berkshire League Championships (CT)5 elites
2015-05-15 Danbury Dream Invitational (CT)33 elites
2015-05-12 Amity-Cheshire-Hillhouse Girls (CT)9 elites
2015-05-12 Bloomfield vs RHAM (CT)1 elites
2015-05-09Irv Black Invitational (CT)31 elites
2015-05-05 E.O. Smith @ Bloomfield (CT)4 elites
2015-05-02 Middletown Invitational (CT)75 elites
2015-05-01 Yellow Jacket Midnight Mee (CT)28 elites
2015-04-28 Amity-Hamden-Prep-Lauralton-SHA (CT)3 elites
2015-04-28 East Hartford vs Windsor (CT)0 elites
2015-04-25 O'Grady Relays (CT)18 elites
2015-04-23 Glastonbury, Weaver @ East Hartford (CT)0 elites
2015-04-21 East Hartford vs East Catholic (CT)0 elites
2015-04-21 Stonington @ Killingly (CT)0 elites
2015-04-18 Monica Hargrove Freshman and Sophomore Invitational (CT)1 elites
2015-04-18 Panther Invitational (CT)8 elites
2015-04-16 Vacation Invitational (CT)1 elites
2015-04-14 Amity-Sheehan-Career (CT)1 elites
2015-04-11 10th Bloomfield Invitational (CT)12 elites
2015-04-11 Bellringer Invitational (CT)1 elites
2015-04-09 Amity-Lyman Hall-Foran (B)-Guilford (G) (CT)0 elites
2015-02-21 CT Indoor State Meet (CT)280 elites
2015-02-16 CT Class LL Indoor State Meet (CT)108 elites
2015-02-14 CT Class M Indoor State Meet (CT)87 elites
2015-02-13 CT Class L Indoor State Meet (CT)108 elites
2015-02-12 CT Class S Indoor State Meet (CT)81 elites
2015-02-07 ECC Large School Indoor Championship (CT)10 elites

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