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Newest Florida Number 1's

2015-10-31G-5k_XC17:27.15 Rafaella Gibbons
2015-10-17B-5k_XC14:56.00 Steven Cross
2015-08-08B-PV17'2" Drew McMichael (US#6)
2015-08-08B-20020.94 Tyrese Cooper (US#8)
2015-08-02B-30008:40.30 Brandon Marquez (US#62)
2015-07-19B-40045.99 Jamal Walton (US#5)
2015-07-19G-10011.19 Khalifa St. Fort (US#2)
2015-07-18B-HJ6'10" Tristan Schultheis (US#26)
2015-07-18G-15004:37.85 Daesha Rogers (US#68)
2015-07-12G-HT142'7" Jessy Page
2015-06-28B-ST2K6:26.99 Noah Quintana
2015-06-28G-20022.47 Kaylin Whitney (US#2)
2015-06-21G-4x10045.52Miami Northwestern(FL) Relay (US#3)
2015-06-21G-40052.25 Sharrika Barnett (US#2)
2015-06-21B-400H53.37 Chigozie Atavwigho (US#28)
2015-06-21G-5k18:07.20 Hannah Brookover (US#36)
2015-06-21G-4x2001:34.87 Miami Northwestern(FL) Relay (US#1)
2015-06-21B-8001:49.66 Avery Bartlett (US#6)
2015-06-21G-4x4003:39.08 Miami Northwestern(FL) Relay (US#5)
2015-06-21G-HJ6'1.5" Nicole Greene (US#2)

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2015-10-03 MICMS/Eagle MIA Ray's Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-10-03 Tri-CityChampionships (FL)0 elites
2015-10-03 Venice Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-10-03 Weeki Wachee Invitational (FL)1 elites
2015-10-03 Winter Haven Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-10-02 305 High School Classic (FL)0 elites
2015-10-02 Wayne Cross Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-10-01 Indian Rocks Open Invite (FL)0 elites
2015-09-30 Marion County Interscholastic Athletic Conference (MCIAC) Championships (FL)0 elites
2015-09-30 Miami Day Country Open (FL)0 elites
2015-09-26 Alligator Lake Invitational (FL)9 elites
2015-09-26 Bale n' Trail (FL)4 elites
2015-09-26 Citrus County XC Championships (FL)0 elites
2015-09-26 (FL)44 elites
2015-09-26 George Jenkins Holloway Park Jamboree (FL)0 elites
2015-09-26 Gulf Coast Stampede (FL)5 elites
2015-09-26Mariner Triton Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-26 Mitchell Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-26 Overbay-Monte Carlo Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-26 Rutherford Ram Run (FL)0 elites
2015-09-24 Ferguson Falcon XC Invite (FL)0 elites
2015-09-22 John i. Leonard Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-19 Aucilla Christian Warrior Stampede (FL)0 elites
2015-09-19 Darter Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-19 J.D. Mac XC Invitational (FL)3 elites
2015-09-19 Mid-Season Central Florida Championships (FL)2 elites
2015-09-19 Mountain Dew Florida Invitational (FL)27 elites
2015-09-19 Nature Coast Sharks Invitational (FL)1 elites
2015-09-19 North Port Invitational (FL)2 elites
2015-09-19 Ponte Vedra Craig Speziale XC Invitational (FL)6 elites
2015-09-19 RiverWood Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-19 Spanish River Invitational (FL)2 elites
2015-09-17 Pine Crest Invitational (FL)5 elites
2015-09-15 Hardee HS XC Invitational (FL)1 elites
2015-09-12 Arrowhead Invitational (FL)1 elites
2015-09-12 Bay Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-12 Florida Horse Park Invitational (FL)9 elites
2015-09-12 Ft Myers Optimist Invitational (FL)1 elites
2015-09-12 Gator Keppel Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-12 Gulf Coast Series 2 - West Florida XC Classic (FL)0 elites
2015-09-12 Hawk Speed XC Invitational (FL)4 elites
2015-09-12 John Carroll Catholic Small School Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-12 Katie Caples Invitational (FL)3 elites
2015-09-12 Key West XCursion (FL)0 elites
2015-09-12 Lions Prowl 2 (FL)5 elites
2015-09-12 Rockledge Raider Classic (FL)1 elites
2015-09-12 Seffner Christian Invitational (FL)3 elites
2015-09-12 St. Cloud Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-12 UCF/Hagerty Invitational (FL)1 elites
2015-09-11 King of the Hill XC Opener (FL)2 elites
2015-09-10 Boca Raton Bobcat Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-09 Countryside Invitaional (FL)0 elites
2015-09-09 Tommy LaCayo Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-08 West Hillsborough Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-08 Westminster Academy Home Open (FL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Astronaut Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Estero DDD Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Foundation Academy Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Half-Mile Timing Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Lecanto Invitational (FL)1 elites
2015-09-05 Martin County Under the Lights (FL)3 elites
2015-09-05 Mosley Dolphin Dash (FL)1 elites
2015-09-05 UNF Cross Country Invitational (FL)9 elites
2015-09-05 Wiregrass Ranch Run with the Bulls (FL)2 elites
2015-09-03 Indian Rocks Open (FL)2 elites
2015-09-03 Miami Dade County Expo and Fair XC Invite (FL)2 elites
2015-09-03 Washington Wildcat Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-01 East Hillsborough Invitational (FL)1 elites
2015-09-01 Green Devil Invitational (FL)0 elites
2015-09-01 Suncoast Invitational (FL)0 elites

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