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Newest Illinois Number 1's

2015-11-28B-5k_XC14:57.00 Jon Davis
2015-11-15G-5k_XC17:00.60 Judy Pendergast
2015-11-07G-3m_XC15:53.80 Judy Pendergast
2015-11-07B-3m_XC13:59.30 Jon Davis
2015-09-05G-4k_XC14:53.40 Kortney Schardt
2015-08-02G-HT141'4" Rachel Wilson
2015-08-02G-400H59.65 Miyah Dorsey (US#9)
2015-08-02G-15004:39.44 Emma Milburn (US#85)
2015-07-19G-TJ41'9.75" Lajarvia Brown (US#8)
2015-07-05B-400H53.46 William Session (US#30)
2015-07-05B-HT187'7" Nicholas Matthews (US#24)
2015-07-05G-PV13'5" Morgan Zacharias (US#13)
2015-07-05G-100H13.59 Jayla Stewart (US#14)
2015-06-21G-5k17:32.20 Maryjeanne Gilbert (US#22)
2015-06-20B-2Mile8:56.55 Jesse Reiser (US#8)
2015-06-20G-40054.05 Brittny Ellis (US#22)
2015-06-13B-8001:51.25 Ty Moss (US#30)
2015-06-13B-ST2K6:26.27 Mark Myers
2015-06-04B-16004:08.15 Bryce Richards (US#13)
2015-06-04B-15003:52.29 Heath Warren (US#12)

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2015-09-09 Steinmetz Fall Frolic (IL)0 elites
2015-09-08 Herrin Invitational (IL)3 elites
2015-09-08 Rushville Invitational (IL)0 elites
2015-09-08 Stevenson Triangular (IL)2 elites
2015-09-05 Canton Invitational (IL)2 elites
2015-09-05 Charleston Invitational (IL)6 elites
2015-09-05 Chicago XC Festival (IL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Chrisman Cowchip Classic (IL)4 elites
2015-09-05 Crystal Lake South Invitational (IL)1 elites
2015-09-05 Granite City Invitational (IL)10 elites
2015-09-05 Harlem Invitational (IL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Harvest Fall Classic (IL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Hornet-Red Devil Invitational (IL)66 elites
2015-09-05 John Kurtz Earlybird Invitational (IL)23 elites
2015-09-05 Leavey Invitational (IL)26 elites
2015-09-05 Lions Pride Invitational (IL)34 elites
2015-09-05 Normal Community Open (IL)0 elites
2015-09-05 Plainfield Central Invitational (IL)2 elites
2015-09-05 Rochester Rocket Invitational (IL)0 elites
2015-09-05 St. Ignatius Jim Connelly Invitational (IL)2 elites
2015-09-04 Seneca Twilight in the Woods Invitational (IL)0 elites
2015-09-02 Ben Newsom Invitational (IL)4 elites
2015-09-02 Irish Conditioner (IL)0 elites
2015-09-02 Lake County Invitational (IL)12 elites
2015-09-02 Murphysboro Invitational (IL)0 elites
2015-09-02 St. Patrick Invitational (IL)0 elites
2015-09-01 Carlinville Early Meet (IL)4 elites
2015-09-01 Elgin City Classic Invitational (IL)1 elites
2015-09-01 Kickapoo Kickoff Classic (IL)0 elites
2015-09-01 Oak Park-River Forest Boys Triangular (IL)0 elites
2015-09-01 Shelbyville Co-Ed Opener (IL)0 elites
2015-09-01 Sycamore Invitational (IL)2 elites
2015-09-01 Whitney Young Co-Ed Triangular (IL)0 elites
2015-08-31 Annawan-Wethersfield Titan Invitational (IL)0 elites
2015-08-29 First to the Finish Kickoff Meet (IL)3 elites
2015-08-29 Normal West Wildcat XC Invitational (IL)10 elites
2015-08-29 Plainfield City Championships (IL)0 elites
2015-08-29 STM Saber Corn Classic (IL)0 elites
2015-08-29 Whitney Young Hokum Karem (IL)0 elites
2015-08-28 Wheaton North Girls Triangular (IL)1 elites
2015-08-27 Macomb Invitational (IL)0 elites
2015-08-27Stevenson Co-Ed Triangular (IL)10 elites
2015-08-26 EIU Showdown (IL)6 elites
2015-08-26 Morris Early Bird Invitational (IL)6 elites
2015-08-25 Elmwood Park Trial on the Trail (IL)0 elites
2015-08-25 Rock Falls Rocket Run (IL)1 elites
2015-08-25 Saber Kickoff Classic (IL)1 elites
2015-08-25 SWSC Pre-Season XC Meet (IL)13 elites
2015-08-24 Yorkville XC Invitational (IL)13 elites
2015-07-24 Detweiller at Dark (IL)72 elites
2015-07-24 RedHawk Vault Fest (IL)2 elites
2015-07-18 DuPage Track Invitational (IL)21 elites
2015-07-12 USATF JO Region 7 Qualifier (IL)118 elites
2015-07-11Chicagoland Throws Series Championships (IL)27 elites
2015-07-05 AAU JO Region 13 Qualifier (IL)61 elites
2015-07-05 USATF Youth National Championships 15-16 (IL)83 elites
2015-07-05 USATF Youth National Championships 17-18 (IL)273 elites
2015-07-01 USATF World Youth Trials (IL)300 elites
2015-06-28 USATF IL Assc JO Championships (IL)83 elites
2015-06-20 Jane Dickens Invitational (IL)27 elites
2015-06-14 AAU Central District Qualifier (IL)39 elites
2015-06-13 Midwest Distance Classic (IL)62 elites
2015-06-06 Illinois Sprint Spectacular (IL)23 elites
2015-06-06 Take Off and See Me Fly Summer Meet (IL)16 elites
2015-06-05 Chicago Magnificent Miles (IL)47 elites
2015-05-30 IL 1A Boys State Finals (IL)99 elites
2015-05-30 IL 2A Boys State Finals (IL)134 elites
2015-05-30 IL 3A Boys State Finals (IL)171 elites
2015-05-30 IL 3A Boys State Finals (HJ / PV Indoors) (IL)18 elites
2015-05-29 EIU Race At State (IL)4 elites

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