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Newest Kentucky Number 1's

2015-10-17G-5k_XC17:43.54 Michaela Reinhart
2015-09-26B-3m_XC15:10.80 Emerson Wells
2015-09-26G-3m_XC17:42.80 Kaitlyn Lacy
2015-09-19B-5k_XC15:16.89 Ethan Shuley
2015-06-21G-Mile4:57.14 Gabriella Karas (US#55)
2015-06-21B-2Mile9:10.68 Ethan Shuley (US#22)
2015-06-21B-HJ7'1.5" Jaron Brooks (US#3)
2015-06-21B-30008:32.05 Ethan Shuley (US#33)
2015-06-21B-40046.38 Will Allen (US#9)
2015-06-21G-15004:37.09 Gabriella Karas (US#62)
2015-06-21G-JT136'4" Meghan Owens (US#60)
2015-06-21B-400H56.97 Isaiah McCall
2015-06-20G-TJ36'5" Chimond Vaughn
2015-06-13G-ST2K7:22.53 Abbie Wright (US#57)
2015-06-04B-Mile4:10.90 Ben Young (US#40)
2015-06-04B-16004:09.20 Ben Young (US#24)
2015-06-04B-15003:53.24 Ben Young (US#15)
2015-05-23G-HJ5'8" Grace Campbell (US#43)
2015-05-23G-HJ5'8" Lily Lowe (US#43)
2015-05-23B-110H14.66 Marcus Corbett

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2012-04-03 Male Master Meet (KY)1 elites
2012-04-03 Oldham County All Comers (KY)6 elites
2012-04-02 Elizabethtown All-Comers (KY)2 elites
2012-03-31 Central Hardin Invitational (KY)1 elites
2012-03-31 Invitational of the South (KY)17 elites
2012-03-31 Lenny Lyles Invitational (KY)31 elites
2012-03-30 Oldham County Kick Off Classic (KY)5 elites
2012-03-29 Montgomery County Invitational (KY)2 elites
2012-03-27 Dixie Heights Invitational (KY)4 elites
2012-03-27 Shelby County All-Comers (KY)3 elites
2012-03-24 Colonel Classic (KY)4 elites
2012-03-24 Harry Greschel Invitational (KY)7 elites 5k Showdown (KY)0 elites
2012-03-24 Walton-Verona Bearcat Open (KY)5 elites
2012-03-24 Wolverine Open (KY)1 elites
2012-03-20 Scott Distance Carnival (KY)1 elites
2012-03-03Mason-Dixon Games Class A (KY)11 elites
2012-03-03Mason-Dixon Games Class AA (KY)12 elites
2012-03-03Mason-Dixon Games Class AAA (KY)37 elites
2012-02-25 KTCCCA Indoor (KY)15 elites
2012-02-25Spring Thaw Classic (KY)1 elites
2012-02-18KTCCCA Indoor (KY)8 elites
2012-02-18 U-Kentucky Invitational (KY)348 elites
2012-02-11 Henderson County Indoor Meet (KY)5 elites
2012-02-11 KTCCCA Indoor (KY)2 elites
2012-02-04 Henderson County Pole Vault Meet (KY)1 elites
2012-02-04 KTCCCA Indoor Meet (KY)3 elites
2012-01-28 KTCCCA Invitational (KY)6 elites
2012-01-21 Wildcat Classic (KY)44 elites
2011-11-12 KY 1A State Meet (KY)4 elites
2011-11-12 KY 2A State Meet (KY)3 elites
2011-11-12 KY 3A State Meet (KY)11 elites
2011-11-05KY 1A Region 4 (KY)4 elites
2011-11-05KY 1A Region 5 (KY)4 elites
2011-11-05KY 2A Region 4 (KY)1 elites
2011-11-05KY 2A Region 5 (KY)1 elites
2011-11-05KY 3A Region 3 (KY)6 elites
2011-11-05KY 3A Region 4 Cross Country Championship (KY)9 elites
2011-11-05KY 3A Region 5 Cross Country Championship (KY)3 elites
2011-11-01Louisville Area JV Regionals (KY)2 elites
2011-10-29Graves County Twilight Classic (KY)1 elites
2011-10-29KTCCCA Meet of Champions (KY)6 elites
2011-10-29Metro Meet of Champions (KY)3 elites
2011-10-27Lincoln Trail Heartland Conference (KY)1 elites
2011-10-26JCPS Cross CountryChampionships (KY)5 elites
2011-10-22Academy Meet (KY)1 elites
2011-10-22Apollo Invitational (KY)1 elites
2011-10-22Area 6 Championship (KY)3 elites
2011-10-22Christian County Classic Invitational (KY)1 elites
2011-10-22Henry County Invitational (KY)3 elites
2011-10-22Pulaski County Invitational (KY)1 elites
2011-10-15Dragon Invitational (KY)5 elites
2011-10-15Fast Cats Classic (KY)3 elites
2011-10-15Lexington Catholic Invitational (KY)5 elites
2011-10-11Fayette County Championship (KY)1 elites
2011-10-08Tates Creek Invitational (KY)7 elites
2011-10-08Titan Classic (KY)4 elites
2011-10-08Williamstown Invitational (KY)1 elites
2011-10-01 Greater Louisville Classic (KY)24 elites
2011-09-24Berea Invitational (KY)1 elites
2011-09-24 Franklin County Invitational (KY)7 elites
2011-09-24Gatorland Run (KY)5 elites
2011-09-17Southern Harrier Classic (KY)2 elites
2011-09-17St. Mary Invitational (KY)3 elites
2011-09-17Trinity Valkyre Invitational (KY)75 elites
2011-08-27 Tiger Run Invitational (KY)26 elites
2011-06-12 AAU Kentucky District Qualifier (KY)5 elites
2011-05-28 KY 3A State Meet (KY)119 elites
2011-05-27 KY 1A State Meet (KY)19 elites
2011-05-26 KY 2A State Meet (KY)47 elites

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