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Newest South Carolina Number 1's

2015-10-31G-5k_XC17:28.31 Logan Morris
2015-10-17B-5k_XC15:30.00 Jackson Ellenburg
2015-08-02B-HT160'8" Tanner English
2015-08-02G-10011.78 Kennedy Dennis (US#52)
2015-07-12G-SP43'9" Carisma Holland
2015-06-21G-20024.52 Arlicia Bush
2015-06-21B-110H13.72 Michael Dickson (US#10)
2015-06-21G-40054.06 Arlicia Bush (US#23)
2015-06-21G-5k17:20.98 Logan Morris (US#16)
2015-06-21B-400H53.07 Kj Givens (US#20)
2015-06-21B-8001:54.33 Malik Epps
2015-06-21G-DT134'6" Carisma Holland
2015-06-21B-15004:03.41 Malik Epps
2015-06-20G-2Mile11:26.63 Madison Ellis
2015-06-20G-300010:39.64 Madison Ellis
2015-06-06G-PV13'0" Alina Mcdonald (US#26)
2015-06-06G-8002:08.93 Laurie Barton (US#34)
2015-06-06G-320011:07.48 Logan Morris
2015-05-23B-Mile4:15.30 Seamus Love
2015-05-16B-20021.55 Malik Grate

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2014-09-22SCA Invitational (SC)3 elites
2014-09-20 Fight Like Wyatt Invitational (SC)1 elites
2014-09-20 Lake Murray Invitational (SC)0 elites
2014-09-17 CIU Invitational (SC)0 elites
2014-09-13 Furman XC Classic (SC)6 elites
2014-09-06 Eye Opener (SC)20 elites
2014-09-03 Lexington County Meet (SC)1 elites
2014-08-30 Skyhawk Invitational (SC)0 elites
2014-08-27 Chapin Invitational (SC)1 elites
2014-07-07 USATF JO Region 4 (SC)322 elites
2014-05-17 SC 1A State Meet (SC)20 elites
2014-05-17 SC 2A State Meet (SC)53 elites
2014-05-17 SC 3A State Meet (SC)97 elites
2014-05-17 SC 4A State Meet (SC)157 elites
2014-04-29 Spring Valley-Palo Verde (SC)0 elites
2014-04-12 Taco Bell Classic (SC)380 elites
2014-04-05 Beach Run Invitational (SC)81 elites
2014-04-05 Beaufort Track Classic (SC)16 elites
2014-04-05 Father Kelly Classic (SC)40 elites
2014-04-05 Gator Relays (SC)2 elites
2014-04-04 New York Butcher Shoppe Friday Night Lights (SC)27 elites
2014-03-08 Low Country Invitational (SC)2 elites
2014-03-08 Sandlapper Classic (SC)15 elites
2014-03-07 Palmetto Classic (SC)0 elites
2014-02-08 Carolina Classic (SC)23 elites
2014-01-25 Clemson Youth and Masters Invitational (SC)128 elites
2014-01-11U of S Carolina Indoor Open #1 (SC)4 elites
2014-01-01 Gilbert Meet (SC)0 elites
2014-01-01 palmetto invitational (SC)0 elites
2014-01-01 SC Region 3 A (SC)0 elites
2013-11-09 SC Class 1A State Meet (SC)5 elites
2013-11-09 SC Class 2A State Meet (SC)4 elites
2013-11-09 SC Class 3A State Meet (SC)21 elites
2013-11-09 SC Class 4A State Meet (SC)39 elites
2013-10-26 SCISA Championship (SC)2 elites
2013-10-12 Furman Gene Mullin Invitational (SC)38 elites
2013-09-14 Furman Invitational (SC)18 elites
2013-09-07 Eye Opener (SC)17 elites
2013-05-11 SC 1A State Champs (SC)18 elites
2013-05-11 SC 2A State Champs (SC)67 elites
2013-05-11 SC 3A State Champs (SC)113 elites
2013-05-11 SC 4A State Champs (SC)156 elites
2013-04-13 Taco Bell Classic (SC)321 elites
2013-04-06 Beach Run Invitational (SC)113 elites
2013-04-06 Beaufort Track Classic (SC)12 elites
2013-04-06 Father Kelly Classic (SC)20 elites
2013-03-30 Allen Johnson Invitational (SC)35 elites
2013-03-16 Glover Smiley Track Classic (SC)19 elites
2013-03-16 Mellow Mushroom Relays (SC)26 elites
2013-03-16 Trojan Relays (SC)20 elites
2013-03-02 Sandlapper Classic (SC)28 elites
2013-01-26Clemson Open (SC)1 elites
2013-01-26Clemson Youth & Masters Invitational (SC)0 elites
2013-01-26Clemson Youth & Masters Invitational (SC)1 elites
2012-11-03 SCHSL XC Championships (SC)37 elites
2012-10-27 SCISA XC Championships (SC)6 elites
2012-10-13 Lexington Invitational (SC)23 elites
2012-05-12 SC 1A State Meet (SC)33 elites
2012-05-12 SC 2A State Meet (SC)62 elites
2012-05-12 SC 3A State Meet (SC)97 elites
2012-05-12 SC 4A State Meet (SC)177 elites
2012-05-05Class A Lower State (SC)20 elites
2012-05-05Class AA Lower State (SC)34 elites
2012-05-05SCISA Championships (SC)8 elites
2012-04-27Region 3-2A (SC)6 elites
2012-04-26Region 1-AA (SC)7 elites
2012-04-26Region 4-3A (SC)6 elites
2012-04-26Region 4-4A (SC)55 elites
2012-04-26Region 4-4A (SC)0 elites
2012-04-25 Region 6-2A (SC)15 elites

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