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Newest Tennessee Number 1's

2015-10-17B-5k_XC15:07.34 Brodey Hasty
2015-10-03G-5k_XC16:57.44 Rebecca Story
2015-08-08B-20021.70 Jeremy Mcdowell
2015-08-08G-100H13.82 Kiara Rhodes (US#26)
2015-08-02G-TJ38'4.25" Maya Perry-Grimes
2015-08-02G-400H1:01.24 Grenetria Shell (US#37)
2015-07-19B-LJ23'10" George Patrick (US#25)
2015-07-18G-8002:11.59 Amber Tanner (US#99)
2015-07-03G-JT121'8" Kristen Fuller
2015-07-03G-ST2K7:21.61 Kaitlyn Lay (US#54)
2015-06-27B-8001:47.67 Carlton Orange (US#2)
2015-06-21G-HT141'9" Tamia Crockett
2015-06-21B-ST2K6:09.46 Dartanian Oakley (US#10)
2015-06-21B-SMR3:31.63 University School(TN) Relay (US#45)
2015-06-21B-30008:30.87 Luke Meade (US#32)
2015-06-21G-300010:35.63 Claire Cheeseman
2015-06-05G-Mile4:54.78 Rebecca Story (US#42)
2015-06-04B-16004:10.16 Ben Weisel (US#42)
2015-06-04B-15003:56.04 Ben Weisel (US#37)
2015-06-04G-15004:43.50 Shian Mallory

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2011-05-10TN 3A Sub-Section 2 (TN)2 elites
2011-05-07Mid State Invitational (TN)2 elites
2011-05-07University School Invitational (TN)4 elites
2011-05-06Harper Relays (TN)15 elites
2011-05-06 Metro 8 (TN)16 elites
2011-05-06Times News Relays (TN)24 elites
2011-05-04 Knoxville Interscholastic League (TN)43 elites
2011-05-01test (TN)0 elites
2011-04-30Rutherford County Championship (TN)18 elites
2011-04-30Shelby County Championship (TN)23 elites
2011-04-23 Volunteer Classic (TN)300 elites
2011-04-21 Dan Crowe - Tom Coughenour Relays (TN)18 elites
2011-04-19 Vanderbilt Great 8 Invitational (TN)78 elites
2011-04-16Doug Hall Relays (TN)16 elites
2011-04-16Dragon Relays (TN)46 elites
2011-04-16Johnson City Invitational (TN)3 elites
2011-04-12Battle of Williamson County (TN)7 elites
2011-04-09Austin Peay Classic (TN)8 elites
2011-04-09Boston-Moon Classic (TN)47 elites
2011-04-09Houston Track Classic (TN)62 elites
2011-04-09Oak Ridge Relays (TN)20 elites
2011-04-08Southeastern Invitational (TN)29 elites
2011-04-02Buster Relays (TN)13 elites
2011-04-02Frank Carver I nvitational (TN)22 elites
2011-04-02Jaguar Invitational (TN)13 elites
2011-04-02 McCallie Mid-South Classic (TN)17 elites
2011-04-01William Blount Invitational (TN)10 elites
2011-03-29Anderson County (TN)3 elites
2011-03-26 Hardin Valley Invitational (TN)27 elites
2011-03-25Highland Games (TN)6 elites
2011-03-20Knoxville West (TN)3 elites
2011-03-05 AAU Southern Championships (TN)84 elites
2011-02-05KTC Niswonger Invitational (TN)257 elites
2011-01-08Ed Temple Invitational (TN)8 elites
2011-01-01Karns Invitational (TN)2 elites
2011-01-01TSSAA Region 8 AAA (TN)2 elites
2010-11-06 TN State XC (TN)27 elites
2010-10-28TN Regional XC (TN)5 elites
2010-10-14KIL Championships (TN)11 elites
2010-10-09McCallie Invitational (TN)12 elites
2010-10-02Frank Horton Invitational (TN)2 elites
2010-09-25Memphis Twilight Classic (TN)25 elites
2010-07-11AAU JO Area 5 TN Intermediate (TN)23 elites
2010-07-11AAU JO Area 5 TN YMYW (TN)66 elites
2010-06-05Music City Distance Carnival (TN)26 elites
2010-05-28 TN 1A-2A State Meet (TN)107 elites
2010-05-28 TN 3A State Meet (TN)254 elites
2010-05-28 TN Div II State Meet (TN)97 elites
2010-05-20TN 3A Section 3 (TN)53 elites
2010-05-07Best of Preps Championship (TN)60 elites
2010-05-04Bradley Central meet (TN)5 elites
2010-05-03Nashville Freshman Championships (TN)1 elites
2010-04-30McCallie Mid South Classic (TN)33 elites
2010-04-23Hill Center Championships (TN)40 elites
2010-04-17 Volunteer Classic (TN)199 elites
2010-04-13 Vanderbilt Great 8 Invitational (TN)63 elites
2010-04-09Houston Classic (TN)75 elites
2010-03-26 Jack Edgar Invite (TN)1 elites
2010-02-06Tennessee State Invite (TN)19 elites
2010-01-23 Niswonger/KTC Inv (TN)72 elites
2010-01-10Ed Temple Inv (TN)8 elites
2009-11-07 TN Statemeet (TN)10 elites
2009-10-29Tennessee Regionals (TN)5 elites
2009-10-22Nashville Metro Champs (TN)1 elites
2009-10-17Cherokee Invitational (TN)2 elites
2009-10-17Trailblazer Invitational (TN)1 elites
2009-09-26McCallie Invitational (TN)1 elites
2009-09-26Volunteer Invitational (TN)1 elites
2009-09-05 Memphis Twilight (TN)14 elites
2009-07-12AAU Area 5 National Qualifier (TN)1 elites

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