Meet Name: OH D2 Region 8
Meet Date: 2012-05-26
Meet Location: Dayton,OH

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Elite Athletes:
Slone, Taron (Bishop Ready,OH)
Hargrove, Lamar (North College Hill,OH)
Turner, Latrell (Dunbar,OH)
Lane, Nicholas (Dunbar,OH)
Abduljelil, Ifa (Whitehall Yearling,OH)
Wilson, Jerard (Stivers For The Arts,OH)
Blair, Eric (Dunbar,OH)
Prakel, Samuel (Versailles,OH)
Oliver, Alante (Thurgood Marshall,OH)
Ballard, Joe (Thurgood Marshall,OH)
Walls, Isaiah (Bishop Hartley,OH)
Dunn, Aaron (Bellefontaine,OH)
Holloway, Jason (Dunbar,OH)
Picklesimon, Justin (Jonathan Alder,OH)
Shinkle, Erik (Bethel Tate,OH)
West, Riley (St. Francis Desales,OH)
Dierks, Nick (Batavia,OH)
Ohiembor, Michael (Dunbar,OH)
Feldmann, Joe (Waynesville,OH)
Boys Relay (Dunbar,OH)
Boys Relay (Thurgood Marshall,OH)
Boys Relay (North College Hill,OH)
Boys Relay (Bexley,OH)
Boys Relay (Benjamin Logan,OH)
Boys Relay (Bishop Hartley,OH)
Boys Relay (Meadowdale,WA)
Boys Relay (Jonathan Alder,OH)
Boys Relay (Versailles,OH)
Boys Relay (St. Francis Desales,OH)
Clark, Nathan (Eaton,OH)
Hammock, Jontey (Whitehall Yearling,OH)
Bench, Sam (Brookville,OH)
West, Tyler (St. Francis Desales,OH)
Kuck, Nathan (Mariemont,OH)
Winslow, Terrell (Dunbar,OH)
Harmon, Cory (Deer Park,OH)
Mankovecky, Joe (Bishop Watterson,OH)
Parker, Cody (Northeastern,OH)
McGuire, Myron (Dunbar,OH)
Persons, Antwon (Chaminade-Julienne,OH)
Early, Kionte (Aiken Traditional,OH)
Melsop, Aaron (St. Francis Desales,OH)
Robinson, Quincy (Licking Valley,OH)
Borton, Zach (Clinton-Massie,OH)
Levering, Quinn (River Valley-Caledonia,OH)
Wrightsel, Nick (Jonathan Alder,OH)
Lucas-taylor, Royce (Urbana,OH)
Rowe, Josh (Northeastern,OH)
Lunsford, Izaah (Shroder,OH)
Barnes, Aaliyah (Eastmoor Academy,OH)
Shelby, Domynique (Shroder,OH)
Carter, Cheyanne (Eastmoor Academy,OH)
Brown, Cierra (Chaminade-Julienne,OH)
Moss, Kaley (Urbana,OH)
Albers, Olivia (Archbishop Alter,OH)
Williams, Dionna (Shroder,OH)
Livingston, Kayla (Wyoming,OH)
Thomas, Hannah (Valley View,OH)
Poppel, Becca (Urbana,OH)
Heise, Rebecca (Archbishop McNicholas,OH)
Gregory, Carly (Shawnee,OH)
Stites, Emily (Wyoming,OH)
Lawrence, Oksana (Meadowdale,OH)
Behymer, Olivia (New Richmond,OH)
Howell, Jaylah (Finneytown,OH)
Ragland, Darrea (Stivers For The Arts,OH)
Finney, Christy (Urbana,OH)
Girls Relay (Chaminade-Julienne,OH)
Girls Relay (Eastmoor Academy,OH)
Girls Relay (Shroder,OH)
Girls Relay (Meadowdale,OH)
Girls Relay (Oakwood,OH)
Girls Relay (Stivers For The Arts,OH)
Girls Relay (Archbishop Alter,OH)
Girls Relay (Urbana,OH)
McKinney, Michelle (Eaton,OH)
Harris, Emma (School For Girls,OH)
Borton, Austin (Archbishop Alter,OH)
Adams, Ellie (Summit Country Day,OH)
Borton, Kyly (Archbishop Alter,OH)
Stacy, Lauren (Bethel Tate,OH)
Colvin, Kendall (Johnstown,OH)
Saurine, Abbey (Carroll,OH)
Mitchell, Devanae (Chaminade-Julienne,OH)
Dickens, Camille (Chaminade-Julienne,OH)
Henderson, Ja'la (Meadowdale,OH)
Beachy, Cassie (Jonathan Alder,OH)
Kroger, Emma (Valley View,OH)
White, Katie (Heath,OH)
Jones, Tia (Chaminade-Julienne,OH)
Rossi, Jenni (Bishop Fenwick,OH)
Lockwood, Ashlen (Northeastern,OH)
Lac, Jade (Indian Hill,OH)
Ray, Cori (Buckeye Valley Local,OH)

Elite Performances:


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