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2015 Outdoor
NV State G-3200 Elites

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G-3200111:05.18Gourrier, Alexis (2018) (Centennial, NV) NV D1 State Meet(NV), 2015-05-16(#1)
G-3200211:16.07Bolt, Abby (2015) (Galena, NV) NV D1 State Meet(NV), 2015-05-16(#2)
G-3200311:17.95Hunsberger, Kyra (2017) (Reno, NV) NV D1 State Meet(NV), 2015-05-16(#3)
G-3200411:18.89Covington, Hannah (2018) (Bishop Manogue, NV) Woody Wilson Invitational(CA), 2015-04-17(#3)
G-3200511:25.00Adams, Lindsey (2015) (Douglas, NV) Big George Invitational(NV), 2015-04-25(#1)
G-3200611:46.11Mcgannon, Halie (2016) (Centennial, NV) South Pasadena Tiger Invitational(CA), 2015-04-10(#6)
G-3200711:52.84Mahlke, Julia (2016) (Spring Creek, NV) Northern Nevada D1A-D3-D4 Regionals(NV), 2015-05-09
G-3200811:57.14Casazza, Gio (2015) (Galena, NV) West Valley Invitational(CA), 2015-04-24(#6)
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