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Newest California Number 1's

2015-11-05G-3m_XC16:31.00 Cate Ratliff
2015-11-05B-3m_XC13:57.96 Phillip Rocha
2015-09-26B-5k_XC14:32.50 Phillip Rocha
2015-09-26G-5k_XC16:32.10 Fiona O'Keeffe
2015-08-29G-4k_XC14:26.00 Maddy Denner
2015-08-02G-HT182'2" Emelda Malm-Annan (US#2)
2015-07-19B-HJ7'1" Darius Carbin (US#5)
2015-07-19G-20022.90 Lauren Rain Williams (US#3)
2015-07-19G-LJ21'0.5" Tara Davis (US#2)
2015-07-19G-TJ42'8.25" Tara Davis (US#2)
2015-07-18B-HT232'3" Tyler Merkley (US#3)
2015-07-01G-ST2K6:41.26 Rylee Bowen (US#1)
2015-06-27G-HJ5'11.25" Alexandria Florent (US#6)
2015-06-27B-20020.24 Michael Norman (US#2)
2015-06-27G-ST3K10:52.92 Morgin Coonfield (US#3)
2015-06-27G-400H57.27 Reonna Collier (US#3)
2015-06-27B-400H53.93 Justin Collins (US#58)
2015-06-20G-2Mile10:00.90 Destiny Collins (US#2)
2015-06-20G-10011.26 Zaria Francis (US#4)
2015-06-20B-2Mile8:51.59 Robert Brandt (US#4)

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2015-04-16Saugus vs. Golden Valley (CA)10 elites
2015-04-16 Scripps Ranch at Mira Mesa (CA)2 elites
2015-04-16 Serra at University City (CA)0 elites
2015-04-16 Southwest Yosemite League Meet #3 (CA)24 elites
2015-04-16 Summerville Cluster Meet (CA)3 elites
2015-04-16 Tahquitz vs San Jacinto (CA)6 elites
2015-04-16 Terra Nova at Menlo-Atherton (CA)0 elites
2015-04-16 Thousand Oaks at Westlake (CA)20 elites
2015-04-16 Torrey Pines at Westview (CA)6 elites
2015-04-16 University Prep at Mt. Shasta (CA)1 elites
2015-04-16 Valencia at West Ranch (CA)4 elites
2015-04-16 Vista Murrieta at Murrieta Mesa (CA)13 elites
2015-04-16 Watsonville and Parajo Valley at Alvarez (CA)1 elites
2015-04-16West Ranch vs. Valencia (CA)4 elites
2015-04-16 West Valley at Hemet (CA)3 elites
2015-04-15 aCALANES AND Campolindo at Miramonte (CA)9 elites
2015-04-15 American at Logan (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 Apple Valley vs Sultana (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 Big Bear at Twentynine Palms (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 CAL Center Meet #2 (CA)9 elites
2015-04-15 CCC Center Meet #2 (CA)11 elites
2015-04-15 Corona at Roosevelt (CA)15 elites
2015-04-15 County Metro Athletic Conference Meet #5 (CA)5 elites
2015-04-15 Dana Hills vs Capo Valley (CA)14 elites
2015-04-15 Deer Valley at Freedom (CA)4 elites
2015-04-15 Deer Valley at Freedom (CA)4 elites
2015-04-15 Elsinore at Lakeside (CA)3 elites
2015-04-15 Esperanza at Yorba Linda (CA)5 elites
2015-04-15 Foothill at Bear River (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 Franklin and Sheldon at Grant (CA)5 elites
2015-04-15 Golden Empire League Meet #2 (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 Highland at Mira Monte (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 Humboldt Del Norte League Meet #2 (CA)7 elites
2015-04-15 Immanuel and Central Valley Christian at Kingsburg (CA)5 elites
2015-04-15 Las Lomas at Dougherty Valley (CA)2 elites
2015-04-15Las Lomas at Dougherty Valley (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 Lassen at West Valley (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 Liberty at Pittsburg (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 Liberty Ranch at Cordova (CA)2 elites
2015-04-15 Metro Center Meet #2 (CA)4 elites
2015-04-15 Mira Costa at Palos Verdes (CA)5 elites
2015-04-15 Mission Oak vs Monache (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 Monterey Trail and Pleasant Grove at Elk Grove (CA)8 elites
2015-04-15 Mountain Valley League Meet (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 North Yosemite League Meet #5 (CA)9 elites
2015-04-15 Notre Dame and Sacred Heart Cathedral at Serra (CA)2 elites
2015-04-15 Notre Dame and Salinas at Palms (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 Oak Ridge at Nevada Union (CA)5 elites
2015-04-15 Pacifica at Oxnard (CA)6 elites
2015-04-15 Rancho Mirage at Yucca Valley (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15Redlands vs Cajon (CA)3 elites
2015-04-15 Riordan at Mitty (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15Rosemont at El Dorado (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 Royal at Oak Park (CA)6 elites
2015-04-15 Sac Valley League Meet (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 Sacred Heart at Serra (CA)2 elites
2015-04-15 Selma at Exeter (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 Serrano vs Burroughs - Ridgecrest (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 Sierra Delta Center Meet #2 (CA)3 elites
2015-04-15 South Bakersfield at Foothill (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 South Yosemite League Meet #3 (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 St Francis at Bellarmine (CA)15 elites
2015-04-15 Trabuco Hills vs Mission Viejo (CA)23 elites
2015-04-15 West Bay Athletic League Meet 2B (CA)0 elites
2015-04-15 West Sierra League Meet (CA)1 elites
2015-04-15 Yreka at Central Valley (CA)0 elites
2015-04-14 Bonita vs Diamond Bar (CA)2 elites
2015-04-14 Chino Hills vs Etiwanda vs Damien/St Lucy's (CA)19 elites
2015-04-14 Diamond Bar at Bonita (CA)2 elites
2015-04-14 Gunn at Mountain View (CA)5 elites

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