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Newest Delaware Number 1's

2015-10-16B-5k_XC15:08.83 Kevin Murray
2015-10-16G-5k_XC17:30.23 Lydia Olivere
2015-09-12G-32_XC11:55.69 Keelin Hays
2015-08-08G-PV12'5.5" Ashley Bailey (US#81)
2015-08-08B-15004:10.90 Johnelle Joe
2015-08-02G-TJ38'5" Micaiah Dendy
2015-08-02G-400H1:02.04 taliah cintron (US#65)
2015-06-21G-5k18:37.75 Colleen Carney (US#51)
2015-06-21B-110H14.38 Mykele Sanders
2015-06-21B-SMR3:36.77 Glasgow(DE) Relay
2015-06-21B-4x1M17:51.94 Tatnall(DE) Relay (US#7)
2015-06-02B-Mile4:11.58 Kieran Tuntivate (US#45)
2015-05-20G-16004:57.11 Lydia Olivere
2015-05-20B-SP53'2.5" Nick Robinson
2015-05-20B-LJ22'9.75" Roderick Brown
2015-05-16B-8001:52.04 Jarod Wilson (US#62)
2015-05-16G-LJ18'2" Ashley Bailey
2015-05-16B-HJ6'8" Garth Warner
2015-05-16G-8002:15.55 Jeanette Bendolph
2015-05-16G-4x2001:41.39 Middletown(DE) Relay

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2012-04-14 Caravel Invite (DE)10 elites
2012-03-31 Diamond State Relays (DE)17 elites
2012-02-191st State Indoor Track Classic (DE)3 elites
2012-02-11 DIAA Indoor State Championship (DE)113 elites
2012-01-29 U. Delaware HS Open (DE)48 elites
2012-01-08 Delaware Open Meet (DE)14 elites
2011-12-04 U of Delaware Holiday Classic (DE)8 elites
2011-11-12 DE State Meet (DE)18 elites
2011-11-05 New Castle XC Champs (DE)19 elites
2011-10-14 joe o'neill invitational (DE)22 elites
2011-10-01 Salesianum Invitational (DE)2 elites
2011-09-10Lake Forest Festival (DE)1 elites
2011-05-25DE Meet of Champions (DE)109 elites
2011-05-21DE D1 State Meet (DE)2 elites
2011-05-21DE D2 State Meet (DE)14 elites
2011-05-14 New Castle County (DE)95 elites
2011-05-07First State Invitational (DE)25 elites
2011-05-03Catholic Conference (DE)1 elites
2011-04-09 Keith Burgess Invitational (DE)12 elites
2011-04-02Diamond State Relays (DE)24 elites
2011-03-26Dupont Invitational (DE)1 elites
2011-02-12DE State IN (DE)90 elites
2011-01-30Delaware Invitational (DE)31 elites
2011-01-08U. Delaware Open (DE)21 elites
2010-11-13 DE State XC (DE)4 elites
2010-10-15 Joe O'Neill Invitational (DE)34 elites
2010-10-02Salesianum Invitational (DE)3 elites
2010-05-19DE Meet of Champions (DE)93 elites
2010-05-15Delaware State Meet (DE)161 elites
2010-05-08New Castle County Championships (DE)7 elites
2010-04-17Glasgow Invitational (DE)6 elites
2010-02-20DE Delaware State Indoor Meet (DE)0 elites
2010-02-20 Delaware State Meet (DE)63 elites
2010-01-31Delaware Invitational (DE)33 elites
2009-11-14 DE Statemeet (DE)13 elites
2009-11-07New Castle County Ch. (DE)3 elites
2009-10-16Joe O'Neill Inv (DE)0 elites
2009-10-16Joe ONeill Invitational (DE)27 elites
2009-05-20DE Meet of Champions (DE)101 elites
2009-05-15DE Div 1 State (DE)85 elites
2009-05-15DE Div 2 State (DE)57 elites
2009-05-08New Castle County (DE)109 elites
2009-05-02First State Invite (DE)29 elites
2009-04-28Blue Hen Conference Champs (DE)35 elites
2009-04-27Catholic Conference Champs (DE)2 elites
2009-04-18Glasgow Invite (DE)14 elites
2009-04-17Twilight Relays (DE)20 elites
2009-04-11Burgess Invite (DE)2 elites
2009-04-04Diamond State Relays (DE)18 elites
2009-02-14Delaware Statemeet (DE)13 elites
2008-05-21DE State MoC OUT (DE)8 elites
2008-05-17DE State Div 1 OUT (DE)3 elites
2008-04-29Blue Hen-DE conf OUT (DE)1 elites
2008-04-18Caravel Twilight OUT (DE)1 elites
2008-02-16DE State IN (DE)7 elites
2007-09-20Delaware Military XC (DE)2 elites
2007-05-23DE State MoC OUT (DE)4 elites
2007-05-19DE State OUT (DE)3 elites
2007-05-08Cape Henlopen dual OUT (DE)1 elites
2007-01-01DE State IN (DE)5 elites
2006-11-11DE State XC Div 2 (DE)2 elites
2006-11-04New Castle XC Champs (DE)9 elites
2006-10-28Catholic Conf XC (DE)2 elites
2006-10-20Bellevue XC Inv (DE)2 elites
2006-05-24DE Meet of Champions (DE)7 elites
2006-05-19DE State Div 1 (DE)3 elites
2006-05-12New Castle County (DE)9 elites
2006-04-01Diamond St Rel (DE)1 elites
2006-02-18State Meet (DE)8 elites
2006-01-28N5CTA #2 (DE)1 elites

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