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2015 Outdoor
National SP Elites

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B-SP172-03.00Katnik, Matt (2015) (St. John Bosco, CA) Trinity League Finals(CA), 2015-05-08(#1)
B-SP270-02.50Morrison, Willie (2015) (Leavenworth, KS) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#1)
B-SP369-01.00Geist, Jordan (2017) (Knoch, PA) Baldwin Invitational(PA), 2015-05-01(#1)
B-SP466-10.00Piperi, Adrian (2017) (The Woodlands, TX) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#2)
B-SP566-07.00Favors, Eric (2015) (North Rockland, NY) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#3)
B-SP666-05.00Guiliani, Daniel (2016) (South Portland, ME) SMAA Boys: Deering, Massabesic, South Portland @ Windham(ME), 2015-05-19(#1)
B-SP764-05.00Bultman, Nathan (2015) (West Ranch, CA) Valencia at West Ranch(CA), 2015-04-16(#1)
B-SP864-00.00VanLanen, Cole (2016) (Bay Port, WI) Marinette Invitational(WI), 2015-05-12(#1)
B-SP963-11.25Rogers, Isaiah (2016) (Campbell, GA) GA 6A Sectional B(GA), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP1063-07.25Glasco, Clayton (2015) (Pickerington Central, OH) OH D1 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#1)
B-SP1163-05.00Peterson, Ben (2016) (Solon, OH) NOC Valley Meet(OH), 2015-05-13(#1)
B-SP1263-02.50Davis, Khalil (2015) (Blue Springs, MO) KC Suburban Gold Conference Meet(MO), 2015-05-08(#1)
B-SP1362-11.00Tharaldsen, Jon (2015) (Bismarck, ND) ND Class A State Meet(ND), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-SP1462-09.50Babbitt, Zayne (2015) (Hellgate, MT) MT Class AA State Meet(MT), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-SP1562-08.50Mccracken, Evan (2015) (Cherokee, TN) TN Div 1 AAA Championships(TN), 2015-05-22(#1)
B-SP1662-03.50Schall, David (2015) (Avon, IN) Midwest Meet of Champions(OH), 2015-06-13(#1)
B-SP1762-03.00Bandel, Connor (2016) (Oxford, MI) USATF Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(FL), 2015-08-02(#2)
B-SP1862-01.50Short, Zach (2016) (Lebanon, OR) Rob Allen Twilight(OR), 2015-05-01(#1)
B-SP1862-01.50Neelly, Brett (2015) (Gallatin, TN) TN AAA Section 3 North Subsection(TN), 2015-05-08(#1)
B-SP2062-01.00Vasquez, Jaelen (2015) (Cardinal Hayes, NY) Walt Disney World Open(FL), 2015-03-21(#1)
B-SP2162-00.50Abraham, Marcus (2015) (Victory Christian, NC) USATF Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(FL), 2015-08-02(#3)
B-SP2261-10.50Landers, Robert (2015) (Wayne, OH) Beach Run Invitational(SC), 2015-04-04(#1)
B-SP2361-09.50Manning, Rashad (2015) (Riverdale Baptist, MD) Penn Relays(PA), 2015-04-25(#5)
B-SP2461-09.00James, Andre (2015) (Herriman, UT) Pineview Invitational(UT), 2015-03-28(#1)
B-SP2461-09.00Osborn, Bronson (2017) (Esperanza, CA) CA State Finals(CA), 2015-06-06(#3)
B-SP2661-08.25Barclay, Josh (2015) (Minico, ID) BYU Invitational(UT), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP2761-08.00Lenford, Charles (2016) (Oceanside, CA) Valley League Finals(CA), 2015-05-15(#1)
B-SP2861-07.50Grodeska, Luke (2016) (St. Rose, NJ) Shore Co​nference​ Championships(NJ), 2015-05-16(#1)
B-SP2961-06.50Paulo, Darrin (2015) (Grant, CA) Sacramento Meet of Champions(CA), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP2961-06.50Soviak, Mitchell (2015) (North Union, OH) OH D2 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#1)
B-SP3161-06.00Wright, Sam (2017) (Archer, GA) GA 6A Sectional B(GA), 2015-05-02(#2)
B-SP3261-03.00Schaufelberger, Adam (2015) (Lyons Township, IL) Downers Grove North Boys Triangular(IL), 2015-04-14(#1)
B-SP3361-02.00Coghill, Nick (2015) (Valencia, CA) Orange County Championships(CA), 2015-04-25(#1)
B-SP3461-01.75Titherington, Michael (2015) (Jesuit, CA) Delta League Meet A(CA), 2015-03-18(#1)
B-SP3461-01.75Sikon, Sam (2017) (Carbondale Comm, IL) South Seven Boys F/S Conference Meet(IL), 2015-05-12(#1)
B-SP3661-01.50Buckley, Christian (2015) (Poca, WV) WV 2A State Meet(WV), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-SP3761-00.00Trawick, Nat (2015) (Richmond, IN) IN Connersville Boys Regional(IN), 2015-05-28(#1)
B-SP3860-11.25Herold, Christian (2015) (Lancaster, OH) OH D1 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#3)
B-SP3860-11.25Davis, Ryan (2015) (Pine Forest, NC) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#7)
B-SP4060-10.25Williams, Jonah (2016) (Folsom, CA) CIF-SJS Masters Finals(CA), 2015-05-29(#1)
B-SP4160-08.75Petzel, Walt (2015) (Zane Trace, OH) OH D2 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#2)
B-SP4260-08.50Logan, Brady (2015) (Woodberry Forest, VA) Prep League/LIS Championships(VA), 2015-05-09(#1)
B-SP4360-06.25esparza, nathan (2016) (Amador Valley, CA) Foothill @ Amador Valley(CA), 2015-05-07(#1)
B-SP4460-05.75Davis, Carlos (2015) (Blue Springs, MO) MO Class 5 State Meet(MO), 2015-05-30(#1)
B-SP4560-05.00Laconi, Vincent (2015) (Carmel, IN) Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference(IN), 2015-05-01(#1)
B-SP4660-04.75Krimin, Nick (2016) (St. Joseph Metuchen, NJ) NJ Non-Public A South(NJ), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-SP4760-03.50Slater, Michael (2015) (Parkway Central, MO) MO Class 4 Sectional 2(MO), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-SP4860-02.25McMorris, Malik (2015) (Mater Dei, CA) Oldfield Throwers Invitational(CA), 2015-03-07(#3)
B-SP4960-00.50Oladipo, Gabriel (2017) (Hightower, TX) Rice All-Comers 6-26(TX), 2015-06-26(#1)
B-SP5060-00.25Browley, Reggie (2015) (Mentor, OH) OH D1 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#4)
B-SP5159-11.75Gehrisch, Cole (2015) (Ontario, OH) OH D2 Region 6(OH), 2015-05-30(#1)
B-SP5259-11.50Glass, Jake (2015) (St. Xavier, KY) KY 3A State Meet(KY), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-SP5259-11.50Haigler, Arron (2015) (Notre Dame, CA) Mission League Prelims/Finals(CA), 2015-05-07(#1)
B-SP5459-11.00Laconi, Vince (2015) (Carmel, IN) IN Lafayette Jefferson Boys Regional(IN), 2015-05-28(#2)
B-SP5559-10.50Burleson, Lance (2015) (Rocksprings, TX) TX 1A Region 4 Pflugerville(TX), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP5659-10.00Garcia, Andres (2015) (Harlandale, TX) TX 5A Region 4 San Antonio(TX), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP5659-10.00Liskowitz, Andrew (2015) (Christian Brothers Academy, NJ) Monmouth County Championships (NJ), 2015-05-09(#1)
B-SP5659-10.00Norvell, Drew (2015) (Sehome, WA) WA 2A State Meet(WA), 2015-05-30(#1)
B-SP5959-09.00McKeag, Kieran (2016) (Apple Valley, MN) South Suburban Conference Relays(MN), 2015-04-28(#1)
B-SP6059-08.50Murfin, Blaze (2015) (Carthage Illini West, IL) IL 1A Boys State Finals(IL), 2015-05-30(#1)
B-SP6159-08.00Scales, Brendan (2016) (Lafayette, MO) Lindbergh Boys Flyer Classic(MO), 2015-04-04(#1)
B-SP6159-08.00Steward, Kevin (2016) (Red Oak, TX) TAAF Games of Texas(TX), 2015-08-02(#1)
B-SP6159-08.00Jackson, Kaden (2015) (Kingfisher, OK) OK 4A State Meet(OK), 2015-05-12(#1)
B-SP6459-07.50Prestigiacoma, Mike (2015) (Lake Park, IL) Jim Arnold Classic(IL), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP6559-07.00Beatty, Ben (2016) (Courtland, VA) VA 4A North Region(VA), 2015-05-28(#1)
B-SP6659-06.25Borchardt, Tanner (2015) (Gothenburg, NE) NE Class B State Meet(NE), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-SP6759-06.00Brennan, Sean (2015) (Union Catholic, NJ) NJ Non-Public A South(NJ), 2015-05-23(#2)
B-SP6859-05.50Adams, Fletcher (2015) (Brandon, MS) MS 6A State Meet(MS), 2015-05-09(#1)
B-SP6859-05.50Kaelin, Justin (2015) (Eatonville, WA) Rochester tri(WA), 2015-03-25(#1)
B-SP6859-05.50Hedge, Kyle (2015) (Crystal Lake South, IL) McHenry County Championships(IL), 2015-04-24(#1)
B-SP6859-05.50Meinders, Clay (2015) (Agwsr, IA) Drake Relays(IA), 2015-04-25(#1)
B-SP7259-04.75Hurley, Ricky (2015) (Cary-Grove Community, IL) IL 3A Boys State Finals(IL), 2015-05-30(#1)
B-SP7359-03.50Merkley, Tyler (2015) (Los Osos, CA) CIF-SS Masters Meet(CA), 2015-05-29(#4)
B-SP7359-03.50Detillion, Trevor (2015) (Unioto, OH) OH D2 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#3)
B-SP7559-02.50Tummino, Drew (2015) (River Dell Regional, NJ) Bergen County Meet of Champions(NJ), 2015-05-15(#1)
B-SP7659-01.50Detz, Robert (2015) (Chapel Field, NY) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#9)
B-SP7759-01.00Hanna, Aaron (2015) (Miami Central, FL) FL 3A State Meet(FL), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP7859-00.75Titheringt, Michael (Jesuit, CA) Stanford Invitational(CA), 2015-04-04(#2)
B-SP7959-00.50Cantrell, Austin (2015) (Roland, OK) OK 4A State Meet(OK), 2015-05-12(#2)
B-SP8059-00.00Crosby, Leo (2016) (Zanesville, OH) OH D1 Region 3(OH), 2015-05-29(#1)
B-SP8158-11.75Ehrnsberger, Chance (2016) (Sandusky, OH) OH D1 Region 2(OH), 2015-05-29(#1)
B-SP8258-11.50Kessler, Mitchell (2015) (Crown Point, IN) IN Boys State Meet(IN), 2015-06-05(#1)
B-SP8358-10.50Tummino, Andrew (2015) (River Dell Regional, NJ) NJ Group 3 Championships(NJ), 2015-05-30(#1)
B-SP8458-09.75Penza, Dante (2015) (Cardinal Mooney, OH) OH D2 Northeast District - Lakeview(OH), 2015-05-23(#1)
B-SP8558-09.50Nigh, Spencer (2016) (Magnolia, TX) TX 5A Region 3 Huntsville(TX), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP8558-09.50Zedella, John (2015) (St. Edward, OH) OH D1 Northeast District - Brunswick(OH), 2015-05-22(#1)
B-SP8758-08.25Hoskins, Phillip (2015) (Whitmer, OH) Whitmer Gold W Invitational(OH), 2015-04-10(#1)
B-SP8858-07.25Krull, Bronson (2015) (Ontario, OH) OH D2 Region 6(OH), 2015-05-30(#3)
B-SP8958-07.00Andrew, Peter (2015) (Fond Du Lac, WI) WI D1 Beaver Dam Sectional(WI), 2015-05-29(#1)
B-SP8958-07.00Neary, Jack (2015) (Bellaire Episcopal, TX) TX Meet of Champions(TX), 2015-05-23(#2)
B-SP9158-06.00Martinez, Miguel (2015) (Jesuit, CA) Sacramento Meet of Champions(CA), 2015-05-02(#4)
B-SP9158-06.00Wilborn, Kylan (2017) (Notre Dame, CA) CA State Finals(CA), 2015-06-06(#8)
B-SP9358-05.25Mungro, Sterling (2015) (DeSoto, TX) USATF JO Southwest Assn(TX), 2015-06-20(#1)
B-SP9358-05.25Thompson, Jordan (2015) (LaSalle, OH) OH D1 Southwest District - Winton Woods(OH), 2015-05-22(#1)
B-SP9558-05.00Wendt, Jake (2016) (East Troy, WI) Fastest Four and Field Meet(WI), 2015-05-02(#1)
B-SP9658-04.75Johnson, T'Mond (2015) (Killeen, TX) AAU JO Region 19 Qualifier(TX), 2015-07-01(#1)
B-SP9758-04.50Curtiss, Nik (2016) (Lancaster, OH) OH D1 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#8)
B-SP9858-03.50Bailey, Zack (2015) (Summerville, SC) SC Class AAAA Qualifier(SC), 2015-05-09(#1)
B-SP9958-03.00Stout, James (Gilmer County, WV) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#11)
B-SP9958-03.00Miller, James (2015) (Orrville, OH) Orrville HS Invitational(OH), 2015-04-18(#1)
B-SP9958-03.00Richardson, Greg (2015) (Shafter, CA) CA State Finals(CA), 2015-06-06(#9)
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G-SP153-05.75Rivera, Sophia (2016) (Brentwood, MO) US Junior Nationals(OR), 2015-06-27(#2)
G-SP253-05.50Bruckner, Elena (2016) (Valley Christian , CA) CIF-CCS Finals(CA), 2015-05-29(#1)
G-SP351-02.75Dunbar, Nickolette (2016) (Whippany Park, NJ) NJ Meet of Champions(NJ), 2015-06-03(#1)
G-SP450-10.00Young, Kathleen (2017) (Warrensburg-Latham, IL) Sullivan Redskin Invitational(IL), 2015-05-05(#1)
G-SP549-10.50Wilson, Alyssa (2017) (Monsignor Donovan, NJ) Chicagoland Throws Series Championships(IL), 2015-07-11(#5)
G-SP649-00.00Svonavec, Edith (2015) (Garfield, OH) Frank Rossi Valkyrie Invitational(OH), 2015-04-18(#1)
G-SP748-10.75Britt, Nia (2015) (Notre Dame, CA) CA State Finals(CA), 2015-06-06(#2)
G-SP848-08.25Olatoye, Oyesade (2015) (Dublin Coffman, OH) OH D1 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#1)
G-SP948-08.00Gordon, Meia (2015) (Cypress Creek, TX) TX 6A State Meet(TX), 2015-05-16(#1)
G-SP1048-06.00Miles, Leilyn (2016) (Nelson, TX) USATF Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(FL), 2015-08-02(#1)
G-SP1148-05.50Marchand, Elena (2015) (Hickory, PA) Baldwin Invitational(PA), 2015-05-01(#1)
G-SP1248-03.50Tausaga, Laulauga (2016) (Mt. Miguel, CA) CIF-SDS Finals(CA), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP1348-01.00Dawson, Khayla (2016) (Olympic, NC) Taco Bell Classic(SC), 2015-04-11(#1)
G-SP1447-11.00Springs, Alycia (2016) (Mallard Creek, NC) NC 4A West Region(NC), 2015-05-02(#2)
G-SP1447-11.00Mccartney, Courtney (2015) (Selinsgrove Area, PA) PA Heartland Conference Championships(PA), 2015-05-09(#1)
G-SP1647-10.00Rabing, Maddie (2016) (Lakeridge, OR) Three Rivers League Championships(OR), 2015-05-15(#1)
G-SP1747-07.50Dulaney, Megan (2015) (Angelo Rodriguez, CA) CIF-SJS Masters Prelims(CA), 2015-05-28(#1)
G-SP1847-05.00Hawker, Amarissa (2015) (Herriman, UT) Davis Invitational(UT), 2015-04-25(#1)
G-SP1947-04.50French, Brandi (2015) (Vacaville, CA) Stanford Invitational(CA), 2015-04-04(#2)
G-SP2047-03.75Hinson, Allison (2015) (St. Clair, MO) MO Class 4 State Meet(MO), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP2147-02.00Moton, Akealy (2017) (West Fargo, ND) ND Class A State Meet(ND), 2015-05-23(#1)
G-SP2247-01.50Stein, Alexia (2015) (Baldwin, KS) KS 4A Championships(KS), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP2347-00.50Showalter, Haley (2015) (Valor Christian, CO) CO 4A State Meet(CO), 2015-05-16(#1)
G-SP2446-10.75Stauffer, Emily (2016) (Cocalico, PA) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#5)
G-SP2546-09.50Parker, Noelle (2015) (Whitewater, GA) GA 4A Girls State Meet(GA), 2015-05-09(#1)
G-SP2646-09.00Molina, Jessica (2016) (Westwood, NJ) Bergen County Meet of Champions(NJ), 2015-05-15(#1)
G-SP2646-09.00Lavington, Gabby (2016) (Cheney, KS) Garden Plain Invitational(KS), 2015-04-27(#1)
G-SP2846-07.00Moulden, Kc (2015) (Enumclaw, WA) Sumner at Enumclaw(WA), 2015-05-07(#1)
G-SP2946-06.75Harris, Rashida (2015) (Euclid, OH) OH D1 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#2)
G-SP3046-04.00Mader, Kendall (2015) (Newbury Park, CA) Newbury Park at Agoura(CA), 2015-04-02(#1)
G-SP3146-03.50Otis, Chyna (2016) (Harker Heights, TX) TX 6A District 12 Copperas Cove(TX), 2015-04-15(#1)
G-SP3246-03.25Svonavec, Edie (2015) (James A Garfield, OH) Midwest Meet of Champions(OH), 2015-06-13(#2)
G-SP3346-03.00Spradlin, Jordan (2017) (Montesano, WA) Rochester tri(WA), 2015-03-25(#1)
G-SP3446-02.75Daniels, Alexis (2016) (Binghamton, NY) NY Section 4 State Qualifier(NY), 2015-06-06(#1)
G-SP3546-02.50Insingo, Kristina (2015) (Holy Trinity, NY) CHSAA Intersectional Championships(NY), 2015-05-23(#1)
G-SP3646-02.25Harris, Vicki (2015) (Parkview, GA) GA 6A Girls State Meet(GA), 2015-05-09(#1)
G-SP3746-02.00Meier, Emily (2016) (Canton, MI) MI LP D1 State Meet(MI), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP3846-01.75Farley, Victoria (2017) (Portage, IN) IN Portage Girls Regional(IN), 2015-05-26(#1)
G-SP3946-01.50Murchison, Daniella (2015) (Port Isabel, TX) RGVCA Meet of Champions(TX), 2015-03-28(#1)
G-SP4046-01.25Gunnells, Shelby (2015) (Solon, IA) Ruth Ahrens Girls Invitational(IA), 2015-04-13(#1)
G-SP4146-00.75Nelson, Briana (2015) (East Kentwood, MI) Midwest Meet of Champions(OH), 2015-06-13(#3)
G-SP4246-00.00Onwukaife, Crystal (2016) (Cedar Park, TX) TX 5A Region 4 San Antonio(TX), 2015-05-02(#1)
G-SP4246-00.00Noennig, Samantha (2016) (Union, WI) USATF WI Junior Olympic Qualifier(WI), 2015-06-13(#1)
G-SP4246-00.00Scales, Tyjae (2015) (Kinkaid, TX) Rice Victor Lopez Classic(TX), 2015-04-04(#2)
G-SP4545-11.00Hammond, Erika (2016) (Clinton, IA) River Queen Invitational(IA), 2015-04-14(#1)
G-SP4645-10.00Antill, Kaylee (2015) (Tri-Valley, OH) OH D1 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#3)
G-SP4745-09.00Fautsch, Nicole (2016) (Rochester John Marshall, MN) MN Section 1AA Championships(MN), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP4745-09.00Parker, Egypt (2016) (Bronx Leadership Acad, NY) USATF Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(FL), 2015-08-02(#4)
G-SP4945-08.00Herron, Aaliah (2015) (East St. Louis-Senior, IL) Festus Early Bird Invitational(MO), 2015-03-28(#1)
G-SP4945-08.00Clark, Hassana (2015) (Southeast Raleigh, NC) NC 4A Mideast Region(NC), 2015-05-02(#1)
G-SP5145-07.75Ani, Danika (2015) (Francis Scott Key, MD) MD 2A West Regional(MD), 2015-05-16(#1)
G-SP5245-07.50Hunter, Ronetta (2015) (Burlington Twp, NJ) Burlington County Open (NJ), 2015-05-16(#1)
G-SP5345-05.00Godsey, Kennedy (2015) (Bowie, TX) South Austin Relays(TX), 2015-03-27(#1)
G-SP5445-04.75Sargent, Nikole (2016) (Flint Powers Catholic, MI) MI LP D2 State Meet(MI), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP5545-04.00Roberts, Payton (2016) (Newton, KS) Shocker Pre-State Challenge(KS), 2015-04-10(#1)
G-SP5545-04.00Roberts-Par, Payton (2016) (Newton, KS) KS 5A Championships(KS), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP5745-03.50Monie, Nora (2015) (Pioneer, TX) Sharyland Stark Relays(TX), 2015-02-13(#1)
G-SP5845-02.75Jones, Jelaia (2015) (Pittsburg, CA) CA State Finals(CA), 2015-06-06(#6)
G-SP5945-02.50Meyers, Destiny (2015) (Duncanville, TX) TX 6A Area 7-8 Cedar Hill(TX), 2015-04-22(#1)
G-SP6045-01.75Johnson, Kayli (2016) (Grosse Pointe South, MI) AAU Junior Olympics National Championships 17-18(VA), 2015-08-08(#1)
G-SP6145-00.50Perrigo, Lydia (2015) (Southern Boone, MO) South Callaway Relays(MO), 2015-05-01(#1)
G-SP6145-00.50Osborne-Butler, Cassidy (2017) (Mt. Zion, IL) Apollo Co-Ed Conference Meet(IL), 2015-05-07(#1)
G-SP6345-00.00Averesch, Holly (2015) (Leipsic, OH) Liberty-Benton Invitational(OH), 2015-05-02(#1)
G-SP6345-00.00Buerge, Desirea (2015) (Webb City, MO) Girard Optimist Meet(KS), 2015-05-01(#1)
G-SP6345-00.00Phelps, Kiana (2016) (Kingsley-Pierson, IA) AAU JO Region 14 Qualifier(MN), 2015-06-28(#1)
G-SP6644-11.00Jones, Danisha (Thomasville, GA) GA 2A Girls State Meet(GA), 2015-05-09(#1)
G-SP6744-10.75Nielsen, Shay (2015) (Detroit Lakes, MN) MN Section 8AA Championships, 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP6844-10.25Nkwonta, Angel (2016) (Pullman, WA) GNL/CWAC Glue Meet(WA), 2015-05-22(#1)
G-SP6944-10.00Morris, Leena (2015) (Etowah, GA) GA 6A Girls State Meet(GA), 2015-05-09(#2)
G-SP6944-10.00Mitchell, Corniesha (2015) (Chandler, AZ) Sun Angel Classic(AZ), 2015-04-11(#1)
G-SP7144-09.00Stone, Ronna (2015) (Valley Christian , CA) CCS Top 8(CA), 2015-04-17(#2)
G-SP7244-08.75Young, Daija (2016) (Trinity, OH) OH D3 Northeast District - Independence(OH), 2015-05-23(#1)
G-SP7244-08.75King, Amaya (2018) (Mason, OH) OH D1 State Meet(OH), 2015-06-06(#4)
G-SP7244-08.75Smestad, Cassidy (2015) (Mounds View, MN) MN 2A State Meet(MN), 2015-06-06(#1)
G-SP7544-07.50Mays, Mariah (2015) (Rome Free Academy, NY) NY Section 3 State Qualifier(NY), 2015-06-05(#1)
G-SP7644-07.00Knighton, Leah (2015) (Seminole, OK) OK Meet of Champions(OK), 2015-05-30(#1)
G-SP7644-07.00Mccarthy, Maegan (2015) (Rockford, MI) MI LP D1 State Meet(MI), 2015-05-30(#3)
G-SP7844-06.75Roberts-Parker, Payton (2016) (Newton, KS) KS 5A Emporia Regional(KS), 2015-05-22(#1)
G-SP7944-06.50Manders, Natalie (2016) (Eastview, MN) AAU JO Region 14 Qualifier(MN), 2015-06-28(#2)
G-SP8044-05.75Taylor, Tatiana (2015) (Walton, GA) GA 6A Sectional A(GA), 2015-05-02(#1)
G-SP8144-05.00Griswold, Olivia (2015) (Neuqua Valley, IL) Upstate Eight Girls Conference Meet(IL), 2015-05-07(#1)
G-SP8244-04.75Dirkschneider, Samantha (2015) (North Bend Central, NE) NE Class C State Meet(NE), 2015-05-23(#1)
G-SP8244-04.75Martin, Mikaila (2015) (Chavez, TX) TX 6A Region 3 Houston(TX), 2015-05-02(#2)
G-SP8444-04.50Sawyer, Phontavia (2015) (First Colonial, VA) VA 6A State Meet(VA), 2015-06-06(#1)
G-SP8544-04.00Crockett, Tamia (2015) (Hardin Valley Academy, TN) Sea Ray Relays(TN), 2015-04-11(#1)
G-SP8544-04.00Watson, Abby (2015) (Hurricane, WV) Friends of Coal Relays(WV), 2015-05-02(#1)
G-SP8544-04.00Samuels, Isabella (2015) (Preble, WI) Ashwaubenon Invitational(WI), 2015-05-09(#1)
G-SP8544-04.00Hollins, Sabrina (2015) (Waipahu, HI) OIL Varsity Championships(HI), 2015-05-02(#1)
G-SP8944-03.50Hinds, Valerie (2015) (Kingston, NY) NY Section 9 State Qualifier(NY), 2015-06-04(#1)
G-SP8944-03.50Schwarzkopf, Maggie (2015) (Century, ND) ND Class A State Meet(ND), 2015-05-23(#2)
G-SP9144-03.25Rasmussen, Veronica (2015) (Mounds View, MN) Wayzata Relays(MN), 2015-05-01(#1)
G-SP9244-03.00Tausaga-Collins, Lauauga (2016) (Mt. Miguel, CA) Valhalla at Mount Miguel(CA), 2015-03-12(#1)
G-SP9244-03.00Kanaris, Nikolia (2016) (Northern Valley Demarest, NJ) NJ Group 2 Championships(NJ), 2015-05-30(#3)
G-SP9244-03.00Jules, Fidele (2016) (Red Bank Catholic, NJ) NJ Non-Public A South(NJ), 2015-05-23(#2)
G-SP9544-02.50Walker, Keely (2016) (West Fargo, ND) ND Class A State Meet(ND), 2015-05-23(#3)
G-SP9644-02.00Schultz, Ella (2016) (West Allis Central, WI) WI D1 Hale Sectional(WI), 2015-05-29(#1)
G-SP9744-01.00Sanders, Camora (2015) (Northeast, FL) BCAA Championships(FL), 2015-03-21(#1)
G-SP9844-00.75Ruth, Jocelen (2016) (Kutztown, PA) NB Outdoor Nationals(NC), 2015-06-21(#15)
G-SP9944-00.50Dixon, Sarena (2015) (Red Bank Regional, NJ) Shore Co​nference​ Championships(NJ), 2015-05-16(#2)
G-SP10044-00.00Scaife, Taylor (2015) (Howard, MD) Howard County Championships(MD), 2015-05-05(#1)
G-SP10044-00.00Keyzers, Tess (2017) (Little Chute, WI) WI D2 State Meet(WI), 2015-06-06(#1)
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