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Newest Pennsylvania Number 1's

2015-06-27B-5k15:02.97 Andrew Marston (US#16)
2015-06-21B-2Mile9:01.81 Nick Dahl (US#15)
2015-06-21B-30008:27.22 Nick Dahl (US#21)
2015-06-21B-8001:48.33 John Lewis (US#3)
2015-06-21B-HT167'3" Matt Slagus
2015-06-21B-JT212'2" Michael Biddle (US#2)
2015-06-21G-2Mile10:40.56 Aislinn Devlin (US#19)
2015-06-21G-4x2001:40.75 Neumann Goretti(PA) Relay (US#77)
2015-06-21G-4x4003:44.26 Neumann Goretti(PA) Relay (US#13)
2015-06-21G-HT134'4" Jocelen Ruth
2015-06-21G-Mile4:54.27 Mady Clahane (US#39)
2015-06-21G-SMR4:12.72 Episcopal Academy(PA) Relay (US#84)
2015-06-21G-TJ38'6.75" Veronika Karpenko (US#95)
2015-06-20G-LJ18'5.75" Breana Gambrell
2015-06-13G-8002:05.79 Sarah Walker (US#9)
2015-06-02G-15004:34.83 Carey Celata (US#41)
2015-05-29B-Mile4:09.49 Sam Ritz (US#26)
2015-05-23B-10010.52 Dan Chisena (US#28)
2015-05-23B-110H14.39 Ori Rinaman
2015-05-23B-20021.29 Dan Chisena (US#35)

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2015-06-02 John Hay Memorial Distance Festival (PA)46 elites
2015-05-23 PA 2A State Meet (PA)346 elites
2015-05-23 PA 3A State Meet (PA)616 elites
2015-05-16 PA 2A District 10 (PA)41 elites
2015-05-16 PA 3A District 7 (PA)222 elites
2015-05-14 PA 2A District 7 (PA)85 elites
2015-05-13 PA 2A District 5 (PA)4 elites
2015-05-13 PA 3A District 11 (PA)95 elites
2015-05-13 PA 3A District 9 (PA)1 elites
2015-05-13 PAISSA Championships (PA)49 elites
2015-05-11 PA 2A District 2 (PA)21 elites
2015-05-11Swarthmore Final Qualifier (PA)1 elites
2015-05-09 Lancaster-Lebanon Conference Championships (PA)72 elites
2015-05-09 Mid Penn Championships (PA)134 elites
2015-05-09 PA Heartland Conference Championships (PA)49 elites
2015-05-09 Philadelphia Catholic League Championships (PA)48 elites
2015-05-09 Pioneer Athletic Conference Championships (PA)52 elites
2015-05-09 SOL American Conference Championship (PA)68 elites
2015-05-09 SOL Continental Conference Championship (PA)99 elites
2015-05-09 SOL National Conference Championship (PA)64 elites
2015-05-07 WPIAL AA North Sectional Qualifier (PA)37 elites
2015-05-07 WPIAL AA South Sectional Qualifier (PA)32 elites
2015-05-07 WPIAL AAA Central Sectional Qualifier (PA)53 elites
2015-05-07 WPIAL AAA North Sectional Qualifier (PA)43 elites
2015-05-07 WPIAL AAA South Sectional Qualifier (PA)41 elites
2015-05-02 Boys Delco Championships (PA)55 elites
2015-05-02 Lower Merion Invitational (PA)42 elites
2015-05-02 Oil County Invitational (PA)14 elites
2015-05-02 Rob Thomas Neshaminy Invitational (PA)16 elites
2015-05-02 Stan Morgan Invitational (PA)54 elites
2015-05-02 White Rose Invitational (PA)18 elites
2015-05-01 Baldwin Invitational (PA)135 elites
2015-05-01 John Shaner Invitational (PA)34 elites
2015-05-01 Nike Henderson Invitational (PA)212 elites
2015-05-01 West Central Coaches AA Invitational (PA)21 elites
2015-05-01 West Central Coaches AAA Invitational (PA)50 elites
2015-04-25Penn Relays (PA)533 elites
2015-04-25 WCCA Championships (PA)28 elites
2015-04-20 Philadelphia Public League Relays (PA)14 elites
2015-04-18 Central Bucks West Relays (PA)44 elites
2015-04-18 City of Hermitage Invitational (PA)20 elites
2015-04-18 East Stroudsburg Red & Black Invitational (PA)21 elites
2015-04-18 Jack Roddick Invitational (PA)183 elites
2015-04-18 Joe Kellerman Great Valley Relays (PA)41 elites
2015-04-18 Leonard Stephan Invitational (PA)30 elites
2015-04-18 Wissahickon Relays (PA)10 elites
2015-04-17 Butler Invitational (PA)73 elites
2015-04-17 Jack Armstrong Invitational (PA)71 elites
2015-04-17 New Balance Warrior Invitational (PA)46 elites
2015-04-17 Tamaqua Blue Raider Invitational (PA)8 elites
2015-04-11 Pan Ram Invitational (PA)59 elites
2015-04-11 Susquehanna HS Classic (PA)16 elites
2015-04-11 TFCA of GP Spring Invitational (PA)29 elites
2015-04-11 TSTCA Oudoor Championships (PA)31 elites
2015-04-11 Villa Maria Hurricane Classic (PA)8 elites
2015-04-10 Cheltenham Panther Classic (PA)27 elites
2015-04-10 GL Wildcat and Lady Spartan Invitational (PA)25 elites
2015-04-10 Jim Thorpe Olympian Invitational (PA)9 elites
2015-04-10 Molly Dry Invitational (PA)5 elites
2015-04-10 West Chester Golden Ram Invitational (PA)5 elites
2015-04-04 Bruce Dallas Invitational (PA)29 elites
2015-04-04 Plymouth Whitemarsh Colonial Relays (PA)16 elites
2015-04-04 Selinsgrove Classic (PA)5 elites
2015-03-28 Tim Cook Invitational (PA)11 elites
2015-03-21 Mt. Lebanon Invitational (PA)8 elites
2015-03-01 PFTCA Indoor State Championships (PA)581 elites
2015-02-21 TFCA of GP Meet of Champions (PA)137 elites
2015-02-21 TSTCA Indoor Championships (PA)120 elites
2015-02-20 DVGTCA Meet of Champions (PA)157 elites
2015-02-19 State College HS Invitational #3 (PA)47 elites

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