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Newest Texas Number 1's

2015-02-21B-DT183'1" Austin Deculus (US#1)
2015-02-21G-DT150'0" Meia Gordon (US#1)
2015-02-21G-SP47'10" Meia Gordon (US#1)
2015-02-21G-4x1621:57.60 The Woodlands(TX) Relay
2015-02-21G-HJ5'9.5" Ellyana Long (US#3)
2015-02-21G-4x10046.80DeSoto(TX) Relay (US#2)
2015-02-21B-300H37.91 Isaiah Lucas (US#2)
2015-02-21B-16004:21.39 Pedro Nasta
2015-02-21B-4x10041.37The Woodlands(TX) Relay (US#1)
2015-02-21B-SP61'8" Adrian Piperi (US#1)
2015-02-21G-300H42.83 Lacarol Baynes (US#2)
2015-02-21G-40055.64 Taylor Bennett (US#2)
2015-02-21G-DMR12:30.00 College Station(TX) Relay (US#2)
2015-02-21B-8001:55.47 Michael Johnson
2015-02-21B-PV17'6.5" Paulo Benavides (US#1)
2015-02-21B-40048.58 Rhayko Schwartz
2015-02-21B-4x10041.37Marshall(TX) Relay (US#1)
2015-02-21B-4x2001:27.14 Marshall(TX) Relay (US#1)
2015-02-21G-10012.30 Melicha Smith
2015-02-21G-100H14.74 Jaelin Hatton

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2015-02-26 Vandegrift Viper Invitational (TX)9 elites
2015-02-21 Arlington Jerry Griffin Invite (TX)46 elites
2015-02-21 Bob Alpert Invitational (TX)25 elites
2015-02-21 Bryan Adams Cougar Relays (TX)35 elites
2015-02-21 Canyon Lake Hawk Relays (TX)0 elites
2015-02-21 Carrollton Trojan Invitational (TX)40 elites
2015-02-21 Copperas Cove Bulldawg Relays (TX)47 elites
2015-02-21 Donna Indian Nation Relays (TX)13 elites
2015-02-21 El Paso El Dorado Aztec Invitational (TX)23 elites
2015-02-21 El Paso High Relays (TX)0 elites
2015-02-21 El Paso Irvin Invitational (TX)0 elites
2015-02-21 FB Christian Academy Relays (TX)1 elites
2015-02-21 FB Marshall Buffalo Relays (TX)32 elites
2015-02-21 Fredericksburg AJ Loth Relays (TX)4 elites
2015-02-21 Gregory Portland Meet (TX)9 elites
2015-02-21 Gregory-Portland Meet (TX)0 elites
2015-02-21 Katy Seven Lakes Relays (TX)43 elites
2015-02-21 Magnolia MISD Relays (TX)45 elites
2015-02-21 Mansfield Legacy Bronco Relays (TX)40 elites
2015-02-21 Medina Valley Panther Relays (TX)11 elites
2015-02-21 Oak Ridge Invite (TX)73 elites
2015-02-21 Pine Tree Knowles Relays (TX)12 elites
2015-02-21 Texas Tech HS Open (TX)103 elites
2015-02-21 Weatherford Kangaroo Relays (TX)14 elites
2015-02-21 Will Taylor Relays (TX)41 elites
2015-02-21 Wylie Chris Givens Relays (TX)27 elites
2015-02-21 Zoe Simpson Invitational (TX)39 elites
2015-02-20 Amarillo City Meet (TX)0 elites
2015-02-20 Denton Ryan Raider Relays (TX)20 elites
2015-02-20 Judson Invitational (TX)0 elites
2015-02-20 Nederland Bulldog Relays (TX)11 elites
2015-02-20 Pasadena ISD Brown Relays (TX)36 elites
2015-02-20 Pearland Oiler Relays (TX)60 elites
2015-02-20 Sams Relays (TX)0 elites
2015-02-20 San Antonio Northeast 8 Meet (TX)0 elites
2015-02-20 San Antonio Northside 8 Meet (TX)0 elites
2015-02-20 Tomball Memorial Wildcat Relays (TX)0 elites
2015-02-19 Byron Nelson Bobcat Relays (TX)16 elites
2015-02-14 Canutillo Relays (TX)16 elites
2015-02-14 Del Valle Invite (TX)7 elites
2015-02-14Katy Bubba Fife Relays (TX)1 elites
2015-02-14 Katy ISD Bubba Fife Relays (TX)76 elites
2015-02-14 Liberty Hill Panther Relays (TX)2 elites
2015-02-14 Mansfield Crabtree Classic (TX)47 elites
2015-02-14 Rockwall Jacket Classic (TX)45 elites
2015-02-14 Spring Relays (TX)59 elites
2015-02-13 Bobby Morrow Relays (TX)25 elites
2015-02-13 Clear Brook Winter Relays (TX)39 elites
2015-02-13 Deer Park Kethan Relays (TX)10 elites
2015-02-13 Richardson Co-ed (TX)17 elites
2015-02-13 Sharyland Stark Relays (TX)11 elites
2015-02-07 Pharr Winter Relays (TX)12 elites
2015-02-07 USATF Southwest Zone Youth Championships (TX)62 elites
2015-02-07 Zero Gravity Elite PV (TX)19 elites
2015-01-31 Joshua Indoor Pole Vault (TX)21 elites
2015-01-24 Aledo Indoor PV Meet (TX)14 elites
2015-01-17 Carl Lewis HS Invitational (TX)359 elites
2015-01-10 Texas A&M HS Indoor Classic (TX)517 elites
2015-01-10Texas Pole Vault Roundup (TX)18 elites
2015-01-03Expo VI PV Explosion (TX)22 elites
2014-11-22 NXN South Regional (TX)82 elites
2014-11-22 NXN South Regional-Open & 2-Mile (TX)0 elites
2014-11-20 NXN South - Entries to Watch (TX)0 elites
2014-11-19 NXN South - Entries by Race (TX)0 elites
2014-11-10 TX State Meet - Power Merge (TX)0 elites
2014-11-09 South Individuals to Watch - 11/9 (TX)0 elites
2014-11-08 SPC Championships (TX)4 elites
2014-11-08 TX 1A State Meet (TX)0 elites
2014-11-08 TX 2A State Meet (TX)2 elites
2014-11-08 TX 3A State Meet (TX)8 elites

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