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Newest Texas Number 1's

2015-10-03B-3m_XC14:45.30 Sam Worley
2015-10-02B-5k_XC15:00.80 Daniel Bernal
2015-09-26G-3m_XC16:42.10 Julia Heymach
2015-09-19G-4k_XC14:03.46 Abby Guidry
2015-09-12G-32_XC11:11.10 Ashley Johnson
2015-09-05G-5k_XC17:23.10 Paige Hofstad
2015-08-08G-JT120'0" Jenna Ellis
2015-08-08B-TJ51'2.75" Altany Wilson (US#2)
2015-08-02B-400H50.10 Norman Grimes (US#2)
2015-08-02B-HT211'3" Joshua Hernandez (US#6)
2015-08-02G-400H59.94 Mackenzie Frank (US#10)
2015-07-19G-15004:21.78 Julia Heymach (US#5)
2015-07-01G-40053.90 Takyera Roberson (US#21)
2015-06-27B-20020.79 Gerald Mills (US#5)
2015-06-27B-PV17'10.5" Paulo Benavides (US#1)
2015-06-27G-LJ20'6.5" Samiyah Samuels (US#4)
2015-06-21B-15003:53.95 Carter Blunt (US#20)
2015-06-21B-2Mile8:58.03 Carter Blunt (US#9)
2015-06-21B-30008:24.90 Carter Blunt (US#10)
2015-06-21B-8001:48.86 Myles Marshall (US#4)

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2015-10-03 Canyon Invitational (TX)17 elites
2015-10-03 Chamizal National Memorial (TX)2 elites
2015-10-03 Dallas Jesuit Classic (TX)18 elites
2015-10-03McNeil Invitational (TX)146 elites
2015-10-03 STE Saints and Bellaire Cardinals Invitational (TX)5 elites
2015-10-03 The Reunion Run (TX)9 elites
2015-10-03 Timber Creek Falcon Fast Invitational (TX)10 elites
2015-10-02 College Park Invitational (TX)7 elites
2015-10-02 Nike South Invitational (TX)40 elites
2015-10-01 Ken Gaston XC Invitational (TX)18 elites
2015-10-01 Pearland Oiler Cross Country Invitational (TX)4 elites
2015-10-01 Wichita Falls XC Invitational (TX)1 elites
2015-09-26 Amarillo Tascosa Rebel Run (TX)3 elites
2015-09-26 Brenham Hillacious Invitational (TX)24 elites
2015-09-26 Cy Woods Wildcat XC Invitational (TX)6 elites
2015-09-26 Lovejoy XC Fall Festival (TX)25 elites
2015-09-26 SAGU Lions Invitational (TX)0 elites
2015-09-26 Texas A&M High School Invitational (TX)47 elites
2015-09-26 Texas A&M-CC - Islander Splash (TX)32 elites
2015-09-25 Benbrook Prowl in the Park (TX)2 elites
2015-09-25 Giddings Tejas Invitational (TX)3 elites
2015-09-24 Haltom Metroplex Challenge (TX)9 elites
2015-09-24 Waco Lions Invitational (TX)6 elites
2015-09-19 Cedar Park Invitational (TX)7 elites
2015-09-19 Debbie G. Keller Invitational (TX)8 elites
2015-09-19 Fort Worth Invitational (TX)2 elites
2015-09-19 Fredericksburg Cross Country Invitational (TX)2 elites
2015-09-19 Garey Horner Invitational (TX)2 elites
2015-09-19 Judson ISD Invitational (TX)8 elites
2015-09-19 Kingwood Andy Wells Invitational (TX)37 elites
2015-09-19 Lubbock Invite (TX)9 elites
2015-09-19 Marcus II Invitational (TX)15 elites
2015-09-19 Pine Tree Puddle Jump & Pig Trot (TX)1 elites
2015-09-19 SBS Soaring Eagle (TX)1 elites
2015-09-19 Spring Branch ISD Invitational (TX)7 elites
2015-09-19 Texas A&M-Kingsville Invitational (TX)23 elites
2015-09-19 UTA Richey Invite (TX)21 elites
2015-09-18 Cleburne Buzz Run (TX)0 elites
2015-09-17 Willis Wildcat Invitational (TX)7 elites
2015-09-16 Glen Rose Invitational (TX)0 elites
2015-09-12 Abilene Eagle Invitational (TX)1 elites
2015-09-12 Amarillo XC Invitational (TX)0 elites
2015-09-12 Eagle Pass Border Bash Invitational (TX)10 elites
2015-09-12 Ken Garland/Northwest HS XC Invitational (TX)15 elites
2015-09-12 Lake Highlands Invitational (TX)2 elites
2015-09-12 McKinney Boyd (TX)4 elites
2015-09-12 Region III Preview-SHSU (TX)22 elites
2015-09-12 SAS Invitational (TX)7 elites
2015-09-11 Fossil Ridge Run of the Panther (TX)1 elites
2015-09-05 Lutheran South Invitational (TX)0 elites
2015-09-05 Seven Lakes Showcase (TX)15 elites
2015-09-05 Southlake Carroll XC Invitational (TX)56 elites
2015-09-03 Montgomery Moonlight Madness (TX)0 elites
2015-08-29 Marcus I Invitational (TX)44 elites
2015-08-29 Rodolfo Rudy Alvarez Invitational (TX)11 elites
2015-08-29 Sharyland Pioneer Invitational (TX)13 elites
2015-08-29 Union Grove Invitational (TX)2 elites
2015-08-02 TAAF Games of Texas (TX)253 elites
2015-07-18TAAF Games Region 10 San Angelo (TX)2 elites
2015-07-18TAAF Games Region 16 Corpus Christi (TX)4 elites
2015-07-18TAAF Games Region 4 Colony (TX)41 elites
2015-07-18TAAF Games Region 7 Mesquite (TX)60 elites
2015-07-12 USATF JO Region 10 Qualifier (TX)94 elites
2015-07-11TAAF Games Region 14 Houston (TX)5 elites
2015-07-11TAAF Games Region 2 Edinburg (TX)7 elites
2015-07-11 TAAF Games Region 5 Waco (TX)23 elites
2015-07-11TAAF Games Region 6 Longview (TX)9 elites
2015-07-11 TAAF Games Region 8 Abilene (TX)0 elites
2015-07-11TAAF Games Region 9 Lubbock (TX)3 elites
2015-07-11 USATF JO Region 12 Qualifier (TX)329 elites

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