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2015-03-28B-DMR10:21.46 College Park(TX) Relay (US#2)
2015-03-28B-10010.66 John Lewis
2015-03-28B-110H13.63 Marcus Mcwilliams (US#1)
2015-03-28B-300H36.10 Norman Grimes (US#1)
2015-03-28B-4x2001:24.26 Marshall(TX) Relay (US#1)
2015-03-28B-4x4003:14.05 Marshall(TX) Relay (US#2)
2015-03-28B-4x8007:55.84 Strake Jesuit(TX) Relay (US#7)
2015-03-28B-JT198'3" William Petersson
2015-03-28B-LJ23'4.75" Jay Bradford (US#4)
2015-03-28B-SP63'0.75" Adrian Piperi (US#2)
2015-03-28B-ST2K6:06.99 Sam Worley (US#1)
2015-03-28B-TJ50'8" Kerwin Roach (US#1)
2015-03-28G-10011.85 Taylor Bennett (US#8)
2015-03-28G-100H13.98 Alexis Duncan (US#7)
2015-03-28G-16004:47.49 Devin Clark (US#3)
2015-03-28G-300H41.89 Samantha Gonzalez (US#1)
2015-03-28G-320010:19.23 Julia Heymach (US#2)
2015-03-28G-4x10046.18Cypress Springs(TX) Relay (US#4)
2015-03-28G-4x2001:37.59 Cypress Springs(TX) Relay (US#2)
2015-03-28G-4x4003:46.27 Lancaster(TX) Relay (US#2)

Full list US Indoor Number 1's

Full list US Outdoor Number 1's

Latest Meet Results

Meet DateMeet NameElites
2015-03-28Axtell Relays (TX)2 elites
2015-03-28Bandera Late Season Relays (TX)5 elites
2015-03-28 College Park Invitational (TX)192 elites
2015-03-28 Cross Plains Relays (TX)1 elites
2015-03-28 Cypress Christian Relays (TX)3 elites
2015-03-28 Dallas Samuell Invitational (TX)67 elites
2015-03-28 Mesquite Skeeter Relays (TX)30 elites
2015-03-28 RGVCA Meet of Champions (TX)47 elites
2015-03-28 Saginaw Relays (TX)25 elites
2015-03-28 San Elizario-Cathedral-Loretto Invitational (TX)5 elites
2015-03-28Tatum Relays (TX)14 elites
2015-03-28 Texas Relays (TX)1070 elites
2015-03-27 Abernathy A-Town Relays (TX)2 elites
2015-03-27 Allen Relays (TX)26 elites
2015-03-27 Baytown Rockhold Relays (TX)57 elites
2015-03-27Brownfield Relays (TX)5 elites
2015-03-27 EP Chapin Invitational (TX)34 elites
2015-03-27 Mark Collins Invitational (TX)12 elites
2015-03-27Rankin Relays (TX)1 elites
2015-03-27 RGVCA Meet of Champions 4A-2A (TX)8 elites
2015-03-27 RGVCA Meet of Champions 5A (TX)15 elites
2015-03-27 RGVCA Meet of Champions 6A (TX)27 elites
2015-03-27Spearman Relays (TX)3 elites
2015-03-27 Wylie Invitational (TX)18 elites
2015-03-26Caldwell Skrabanek Relays (TX)3 elites
2015-03-26Cameron Yoe Invite (TX)4 elites
2015-03-26 Cisco Relays (TX)3 elites
2015-03-26Copperas Cove Relays (TX)10 elites
2015-03-26 Decatur Invitational (TX)0 elites
2015-03-26Lufkin Willie Ross Relays (TX)28 elites
2015-03-26 Merkel Relays (TX)2 elites
2015-03-26 Naaman Forest Girls Relays (TX)14 elites
2015-03-26 Paris Deon Minor Relays (TX)9 elites
2015-03-26 Plano West Invite (TX)35 elites
2015-03-26Ponder Relays (TX)2 elites
2015-03-26Rouse Relays (TX)12 elites
2015-03-26 Smyer Relays (TX)4 elites
2015-03-26Sunnyvale Relays (TX)8 elites
2015-03-26 Texas Relays - SCHEDULE (TX)0 elites
2015-03-26 Vernon Relays (TX)7 elites
2015-03-21 Canadian Wildcat Relays (TX)5 elites
2015-03-21Cuero Gobbler Relays (TX)4 elites
2015-03-21 Donna North Relays (TX)0 elites
2015-03-21 Eagle Pass Relays (TX)3 elites
2015-03-21EP Andress Invite (TX)8 elites
2015-03-21 EP Ysleta Invite (TX)4 elites
2015-03-21 Flower Mound Invite (TX)59 elites
2015-03-21 Fredericksburg Wicker Relays (TX)7 elites
2015-03-21 Frisco Lone Star Relays (TX)7 elites
2015-03-21 FW Country Day Invite (TX)2 elites
2015-03-21 Graham Possum Kingdom Relays (TX)10 elites
2015-03-21 Highland Park Wills Girls Invite (TX)15 elites
2015-03-21 Jesuit-Sheaner Relays (TX)300 elites
2015-03-21 Joshua Relays (TX)26 elites
2015-03-21Judson Faught Invite (TX)26 elites
2015-03-21 Klein Relays (TX)0 elites
2015-03-21 McMurry War Hawk Classic (TX)22 elites
2015-03-21Mountain View Invite (TX)5 elites
2015-03-21 PSJA Tri-City Relays (TX)4 elites
2015-03-21 Roosevelt Hayes Relays (TX)11 elites
2015-03-21 Springtown POJO Relays (TX)7 elites
2015-03-21 St Marks Urschel Invite (TX)7 elites
2015-03-21 TCU Horned Frog Invite (TX)28 elites
2015-03-21 Texas Southern Relays (TX)226 elites
2015-03-20 Aledo Relays (TX)7 elites
2015-03-20Andrews Goldsmith Mustang Relays (TX)3 elites
2015-03-20 Brazosport Gulf Coast Relays (TX)17 elites
2015-03-20 Carrollton-Farmers Branch Relays (TX)22 elites
2015-03-20 Concordia Lutheran Relays (TX)2 elites
2015-03-20 Cy-Fair ISD Relays (TX)135 elites

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